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Electronic poster - should or should not apply to the store chain!

LED screen format of electronic poster appears to bring more advantages to the business like! They are effective and really bring many benefits as introduced. How to actually use this product line is what many businesses are interested in deciding to invest in this product line.
From the idea to the process of creating XT series screen - electronic poster
 Realizing the promotion of retail windows and retail chain stores is quite difficult. Printing and using paper posters often leads to many inadequacies such as great influence on the vision, the content is not rich, the aesthetic effect and the impression on consumers are not high ... Many users also feel inconvenient for businesses using many leaflets, posters like that!

Thus, businesses need to look for a more comprehensive advertising solution, while ensuring the aesthetics, both flexible and uneasy to the viewers. Understand that, many technical experts, wondering, are interested in researching the product of the LED transparent XT display or the electronic poster line!
LED screen during XT - electronic poster in fact
Used for many different purposes, but mostly replaced traditional posters. The LED XT screen has a wide range of sizes, fluctuating around the size of a normal poster, which can help businesses solve all the problems that publicity issues often bring:
- Good display on the glass wall structure: Most of today's retail stores use glass walls, making space seem to be expanded, in addition, easy to decorate. Therefore, electronic posters are also designed to display well on this material. For stores located in commercial centers, luxury is also exalted at a higher level.

- High transparency: viewed from 5 m distance almost no screen is visible, just like a normal glass wall. This makes the most difference between transparent led screens and electronic posters. Art is at the point of advertising, not like advertising. And that particular point makes the attraction for customers.
- High brightness: The light emitted from the screen can be adjusted, displayed well even under daylight. That is the reason for the transparency of this electronic poster. Smartly designed with features that automatically adjust brightness according to sunlight. One of the reasons why the LED screen XT is always confident even in the face of harsh daylight!
- Convenient and easy installation: quick installation, diverse installation methods, suitable for many terrains: XT screens are installed in many different ways: hanging stand, window frame, stand by frame A letter, free-standing, floor standing frame, ... different options suitable for different types of terrain, helping to effectively convey information.

- High aesthetic effect: Can design, image, motion, depending on the desire as well as each special occasion of the store. The biggest advantage of XT series screen is here, because of this point, they are called smart posters. The content can be changed flexibly, depending on each promotion, special occasions, etc. without having to print many cumbersome posters.
Hands-on experience, high-end product line exclusively for display promotion!

Posted by: Admin - Date: 31-05-2019