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Standard LED screen throughout LUXMAGE quality

If someone asks you a question: "How is the standard for a LED display throughout the quality?" How will you answer? Like other items, transparent LEDs are also likely to be made by many other models, but the quality is quite different. So what is the basis for a quality transparent advertising screen?

A quality product must first come from itself!

The most obvious evidence comes from the great things that transparent LEDs have done. Having won many awards, inventions, technological patents, participated in many prestigious exhibitions - it is the transparent LED NEXNOVO (Corporation of LUXMAGE branch). One of the proud fortifications includes:

Proud of the International IF award

Considered the "Oscars" of World Industrial Design founded in 1953 - a prestigious award in the field of industry. The more proud the LED screen during NEXNOVO won this prestigious award.

The "Oscar" award is for transparent LED display industrial products

This is also a result of the continuous efforts to improve technology and the great contribution to the advertising industry of transparent led products. The award is also a great motivation for both NEXNOVO in general and LUXMAGE, in particular, to continue to expand expertise and innovation to bring transparent LED screens to become the trend of modernity. .

"Excellent enterprise" award with LED screen products throughout poster XT

At the China Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest organized by the National Science and Technology Department, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Network of State Informatics Council, Quoc Lien Federation of Industry and Trade The highest number of participating enterprises. Once again the transparent LED screen has confirmed its quality position when the XT product line brings the title of "excellent enterprise" to the company.

XT is a line of technology applications and is streamlined, making it a smart poster screen that supports chain stores in effective advertising. The presence of LED Poster Throughout XT at the International Exhibition of Solutions Retail and Franchising recently made many people known about this product line.

Transparent screen line of smart posters achieved many awards

Not only did the project at the International Exhibition show a lot of success and was rewarded, but LUXMAGE and NEXNOVO Corporation are also always proud of the great achievements. Transparent led screen deserves a kind of transparent quality led to prestige when used

Product quality makes business reputation!

This is not uncommon when choosing a product manufactured and distributed by a reputable company/unit. Speaking of this, it must be mentioned that the transparent LED screen of NEXNOVO, a leading enterprise in LED technology development.

Currently, NEXNOVO product lines are widely used in the advertising industry regardless of use in festivals, large exhibition venues or restaurants, museums, financial institutions ... and now the branch of NEXNOVO already in Vietnam, under the name of LUXMAGE. Inheriting the quality transparent LED display line in LUXMAGE Corporation, there are many different lines from flexible NR series, XRW fixed installation lines, convenient smart poster XT, luxury NS lines, ...

There is no need to scrutinize every LED bulb or tattoo each part to know whether the transparent LED is of good quality. The built achievements have somewhat replaced the transparent led words to say. Of course, there is no more practical evidence that these results bring to users. With the results achieved throughout the LED LUXMAGE has been and will become a leading prestigious enterprise in the current and future advertising display trends.


Posted by: Admin - Date: 28-02-2019