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Led screen with glass and facts thousands of people do not know!

Have you heard about the product line that is transparent on the glass or feel excited about modern glass led products?
Have you ever learned about this unique type of product but have not had any specific and detailed information?
Have you ever seen a certain unit possessing a mesmerizing glass door with varied moving images?
In the screen of LED buried glass secretly what makes the sky surprised thousands of people! All this unknown will be revealed in this article.

What is the led screen with glass?
Many people wonder what kind of transparent screen is usually installed, what is their characteristic, characteristics, and how to install it ... In order to answer this question, we together learn about transparent led screen ( this is a special product used to promote spreading on glass wall.
If you have time to learn about the transparent led screen, you probably know that they are special products with many advantages in both structure and efficiency. Different from the characteristics of conventional LEDs, they have both installation advantages and display advantages.

What thousands of people do not know about LED screen glass
Firstly, the glass led screen is better known with the name of transparent led. It is possible to have this because in fact, this type of glass led is very effective in transparency (75-90% transparency depending on the distance between the led beads). This is also the reason why many users are quite excited and started to learn about this product, in fact, quite a few products are able to perform this function well!
High brightness is the second thing that few people know about LED screen glass. Usually, the LED screen placed outside of the sunlight will not give a bright display color and will instead be subjected to dark sunlight. In the evening, the LED screen becomes more luminous than usual because the brightness inside the screen differs greatly from the market.
Particularly for versatile transparent leds, the brightness according to sunlight is something that not every product can do! The system automatically adjusts the brightness according to environmental lighting to help them perform this task well.

The weight is 1/3 less than the normal LED display screen. Do you know the glass screen LED weighs only 12kg / m2, compared to a traditionally led module weighing up to 50kg / m2. This demonstrates the advantages of quick installation, instead of a typical m2 led light that requires up to 3 people to install, transparent LEDs require only one manpower to install.
If you have witnessed the leds throughout, you will see how they have streamlined designs? Thus, it is said that the glass screen LED is referring to the features: transparent - good display - easy to install!
One of the special features that few people know of LED screen glass is also in their structure. Special points are not included in the modular design but the flexibility of installation. Each module can be easily removed from the large screen when needed and inserted when desired. Independent operation module, wiring is not too cumbersome, ... is a proven advantage.
Hand-in-hand with the glass-led display to confirm whether these things are true or not. From there, you can also compare this transparent led display product and previous types of led displays to see how advanced technology has become! Follow the footsteps of technology, witness with your own eyes and experience!

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