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New application of NEXNOVO glass wall for South Tower in Japan

The steel and concrete shines all over the building with its colors


More and more glass building wall appear in our modern city, especially in busy areas. The more buildings, the more creative designs. Passersby are easily absorbed by those creative buildings. That’s why advertising has higher value in central area.



NEXNOVO transparent LED display wall mainly focus on glass building advertising and related solutions. It breaks limited application of traditional LED display. Transparent LED display could keep building’s original appearance and function, and at the same time, act as advertising display. It occupies less space and leaves little effect on other structure or machine. It weighs 12-15kg/sqm and asks for little requirement for building load. Cabinet dimension could also be customized to fit exact window size, which brings your glass windows a better advertising display. 


Transparent LED screen shines all over the building made of steel and concrete. With the development of technology, NEXNOVO products will provide more creative solutions for skyscrapers around us.


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