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5 How to choose the led screen that anyone should know

The LED screen in general and the transparent led, in particular, has become a better branding tool ever. You can see the most important events, exhibitions, conferences, opening, etc. More is their presence in stores, as a means of communicating effective information, promotions, brand identity, ... So how to choose a quality led screen, specifically transparent leds.

No knowledge of led displays - "money lost"
First, to have a choice, how to look at the transparent LED screen is good, so have knowledge of this type. Here is the basic information for users to know about the structure and view the parameters of each type.
Transparent LED construction
Because the led screen is sized depending on the user's wishes, it is usually made up of many different modules. Each module includes:
Many led bars with led bulbs are attached to a certain distance depending on the resolution of each screen type. This is considered the main part, understand this so you have to consider, high quality led bulb, the image quality is stable.

The outer cover, also known as the "costume" of the LED display, is a lightweight, lightweight aluminum frame system that functions to fix the module according to the standard size.
The electrical wiring system fits in the aluminum enclosure or is designed to be sophisticated, not exposing itself to aesthetics.
Other parts: In addition to the basic structure, the transparent LED screen also includes a control box, receiving a card, CAT5 cable, DVI cable, Plexiglass cover, ...
If comparing between the ordinary led screen and transparent led screen, it is indeed for those who have experienced it, they can see, they are different in many points and clearly transparent LEDs are much more outstanding. However, if you don't know the quality of LED screen selection skills, they can be annoying for many users.
How to choose the led screen that anyone must know
Choosing a led screen to avoid money loss is something you must be very interested in. Go straight to the problem, here's what to keep in mind when choosing the led screen:
The problem of distance between led beads
Usually, many LED products have maximum transparency of 85% and the minimum distance between led beads is 3mm. Therefore, when choosing, do users need to consider the transparency and their distance has reached the limit? If this parameter is smaller than the normal limit, the led screen will not show a clear picture, as well as their resolution, is quite low.

Actually, this is not an error due to the PCB board, control IC but the self-fading lamp. In order to improve this situation, the cost of interfering with the existing distance of the led particles improves the clarity of the led. And this is indeed a difficult thing!
The problem of transparency
While selecting screens throughout the most important issue, mention nothing but their transparency. How to achieve this, the transparent LEDs must really be met the aesthetic requirements, the display structure is especially compatible with glass walls.
Harmonizing ability of led design and building design.
The selected led screen must have a standard that makes the display on the building more harmonious. In addition, it helps reduce the cost of building lighting.
The lighting problem on the back of the led screen is transparent
In most designs displayed on the led screen, the unnecessary background color is turned off and replaced with a black background color, simply displaying the displayed content.

When playing on the led screen, the black background does not emit light. This creates a highlight and also creates a transparent effect. Limit the unnecessary glowing LEDs.
Warranty policy - guarantee products
First of all, the light-emitting LED lamps commonly used in many LED display screens on the market are not flexible, poor consistency and stability, resulting in high production costs and a lot of warranty. tangled.
Secondly, LED screens can be used for many different purposes, so there are many variations of transparent LEDs on the market. Therefore, mass production of a specific type of screen is quite difficult, this is also one of the reasons affecting the current price of the led screen.
To choose a quality led screen is not an easy problem, so finding a reputable unit is quite lucky. LUXMAGE is proud to be the supplier of quality transparent LED display, which makes customers fully trust!

Posted by: Admin - Date: 21-05-2019