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LED screen for retail store

LED screen for retail store

New retail stores are appearing more and more, big brands are paying more attention to improvement and innovation in customer approach, and transparent LED display is becoming popular to retail stores and becomes an essential and creative communication tool in this field.

Transparent LED display was born to answer the question: How can retailers take advantage of pedestrian traffic and high pedestrian traffic? In the modern world, people have soon applied digital to advertising communication. However, there is not always a viable solution due to the need to ensure natural light. There are 2 issues we need to pay attention to : Which advertising screen can display well under direct sunlight conditions? And how can they be installed so as not to obstruct natural light from entering the space?


LED screen for retail store

Transparent LED display for retail store application does not obstruct natural light


That is the common difficulty of most retail brands in Vietnam and around the world. Some stores are located in extremely convenient locations, crowded with people, but lack creative solutions to attract customers. Transparent LED screen is the solution to all their concerns.


1. How does transparent LED screen help enhance retail brand value?


The new retail trend is in vogue, transparent LED display becomes the best choice for store decoration.

What is new retail? It will be the three core elements of “people, goods, and fields” to realize resource sharing and logistics interoperability between different channels, and product pricing, shopping experience, product quality, etc. are all optimized and upgraded.

The core element of new retail is to optimize and upgrade the customer experience. Retail stores need to upgrade their business premises to attract more consumers, and transparent LED screens are one of the powerful tools to attract customers to the store.

The "new retail" has also led to the rapid expansion of the transparent LED screen market. For sellers, in today's wave of new retail models, the first step to retaining consumers is to convert commercial stores and create compelling locations.

Transparent LED screen is widely used in various places such as elevators, shop windows, indoor corridors to glass walls, architectural landscapes, etc. This screen can make buildings, shops become more fashionable, colorful and modern, giving people unique and extremely beautiful effects.


Make effective use of transparent LED screens to attract customers, create famous locations and promote brand influence. 


Traditional retail stores are expected to build beautiful and high-class stores, using lighting, beautiful effects, and unique designs to give customers a shopping experience with high-quality products and services.However, today's stores are all similar, over-commercialized, and similar in layout, thus lacking consumer appeal. In the past, stores often used LCD screens, but LCD screens were limited by size and did not bring a vivid feeling. Today, installing transparent LED screens will not affect the store's design, and at the same time take care of conveying advertising messages with a wider view. The combination of this display screen and the glass wall gives the store a more technological and upscale feel.


Jewelry brands, automobiles and many high-end brands prefer to use transparent LED screens.


Young people today like to take cool and beautiful things then share them on social networks. Traditional LED screen with low refresh rate will appear a black line when taking pictures, the photos taken will be very lacking. Beauty. The Luxmage transparent screen supports a higher refresh rate of 3840Hz, leaving no scan lines when shooting, allowing anyone to capture great moments while the screen is still active. Store owners can also use this display with creative ads to attract young people to take photos and check in, and increase the number of visitors to their stores.

LED screen for retail store

Trung Nguyen experienced the installation of transparent LED screens at the store


High-permeability design, ensuring aesthetics and visual experience


According to the development of the new retail industry, we have  designed transparent LED display which is suitable for the retail store, with the following characteristics:

  • High refresh rate, no black line when taking pictures, high brightness and light transmittance, can support up to 7000nits, no matter it is indoor or outdoor viewing
  • High refresh rate, no black line when taking pictures, high brightness and light transmittance, brightness up to 7000nits, no matter it is indoor or outdoor viewing.
  • The screen has a high transparency of 75 - 92%, making the landscape both modern and beautiful, and will not affect the indoor light

Compatible with many glass wall designs, no need to change store architecture

A transparent led screen for retail stores can be customized, compatible with many different architectures. Due to thin and light feature, it makes transportation and installation safer and more convenient. The application of transparent LED screens in retail store not only makes indoor advertising more vivid and three-dimensional but also enhances the brand's style.


2. How are transparent led screen applied to retail stores?


Store’s glass wall


Installing the transparent LED screen, the glass wall facade not only looks more upscale and sophisticated but also showcases their product style and advertising well. If the screen is displayed with creative promotional videos, it can also create a popular spot for commercial areas, attract people to take pictures, and increase store traffic.


Applying transparent LED screen as signboard, increasing the attraction and creativity of the store. At the same time, the content can be changed flexibly with a few actions on the mobile application

Transparent LED poster

Compared with traditional posters, transparent LED poster brings more modernity and technology. It is often used to display store promotions, product advertisements, etc. to attract more people's attention, increase customers' desire to buy, and enhance brand influence. 

In addition, we can manage content on the mobile application, which helps brands quickly update new advertising and promotions, keeping up with the flexibility of the retail market.

​3. Supplier of transparent led screens for retail stores in Vietnam


As a leader in the field of transparent led screens in Vietnam, we only supply products that have been tested, manufactured with top quality lines and best machinery.

At the same time, with the spirit of constant innovation and creativity, we always update new technology products in the world, to bring customers more comprehensive solutions, to meet the increasing demands. domestic market.

If you are interested in the transparent led display for retail store, please contact us for complete advice and best fit your needs.


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