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LED screen for Exhibition and Event

LED screen for Exhibition and Event

At present, the event and exhibition LED screen market has appeared a new factor, taking on the role of aesthetics, technology, and attracting customers, that is transparent led screen. 

Transparent LED display is featured by transparent characteristics, excellent display effect, and is widely used in exhibitions, stage performances, and other events. Join Luxmage to learn more about this LED screen.

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When do you need to consider a transparent led screen for event?

  • Is it a large event or needs upgrading and making a difference to impress the audience
  • You want a screen that does not obstruct the view, does not block the light.
  • For glass design, a transparent LED screen will be much more suitable than a normal LED screen.
  • You have high requirements for brightness, clarity, color contrast, and visibility
  • You need a screen that can be customized to size, that can be installed and disassembled quickly.

Advantages of LUXMAGE rental transparent LED dislay screen

LUXMAGE transparent LED screen is an innovative and high-tech product and has unique advantages that are very suitable for stage rental, events, and exhibitions:

With aesthetic design and high transparency, transparent screen when viewed at any angle, shows sophistication and aesthetics, beautiful display.

  1. Light weight, easy to install and transport.
  2. Quick and easy installation and dismantling, the X-Glass display module is designed to be easy to install and fixed on the frame. Standard modules can be quickly assembled on the big screen.
  3. High brightness and high density resolution, bright colors provide stunning visual effects.
  4. Respond to video signals, play videos, pictures and other content randomly, and broadcast different types of information in real time, synchronously and clearly.

Our Project

Up to now, we have served many customers at many different events from trade, exhibition, conference to stage. Some partners have trusted and cooperated with us, such as:: Trung Nguyen, Coats Phong Phu, Flizer, Gamuda Land, Vincom, Mumuso, Tra Vinh Department of Industry and Trade, China Entrepreneurs Association,...and so on.

event and exhibition LED screen

Double-sided LED screen at the event of Coats Phong Phu


the event and exhibition led screen

LED screen for product launch events
the event and exhibition led screen

LED screen for seminars in Tra Vinh


the event and exhibition led screen
LED screen for Trung Nguyen's stage in Buon Ma Thuot

In addition, Luxmage also serves customers in Hai Phong, Da Nang, Can Tho as well as all provinces in the country.

Only 4 easy steps to rent LED screens for events and exhibitions:

  1. Determine the closest and farthest viewing distance to find the LED Display pixel pitch (resolution) that suits your requirements for your event.
  2. Our company helps to customize the size, design your display, or you can simply choose from one of the bestsellers in our stock. 
  3. Luxmage offers a comprehensive service that supports customers throughout their experience.
  4. You just need to choose the type of content you want to display on the screen. Our team of highly trained service engineers will ensure that the display is set up at the perfect viewing angle. Clear images to ensure excellent audiovisual standards for your event.

Or just contact 0909.965.198, our staff will advise you on a comprehensive solution, our engineer team will visit the site and recommend you the best suitable

Offers of LUXMAGE when renting a transparent LED screen product
With Luxmage's transparent led screen rental solution, you only need an affordable budget to be able to use this screen for your event. We also have other benefits such as:

  • Support to design promotional video
  • Professional installation technical support
  • Discount from 10% depending on the time and area used
  • Consulting to install the most suitable product for the project.

We believe that the transparent led screen will become more popular at the event and exhibition with its outstanding advantages. Contact us to be a trendsetter.

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Address: 80, Street 9, Ward 9, Go Vap District, City. Ho Chi Minh City
Hotline: 0988.895.066



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Transparent LED screen during Pfizer brand Eliquis drug launch

Transparent LED screen during Pfizer brand Eliquis drug launch

Use transparent LED screens during the event to bring a better experience to customers.

Luxmage Transparent LED accompanies COATS Phong Phu's 30th anniversary

Luxmage Transparent LED accompanies COATS Phong Phu's 30th anniversary

Transparent Led rental has never disappointed business!

Transparent led screen at Gamuda Sales Gallery

Transparent led screen at Gamuda Sales Gallery

The unique transparent led screen on the glass wall, helping customers become the focus.


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