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3D LED display

3D LED display

In recent years, thanks to the development of 5G, AR/VR and other technologies, people's requirements for outdoor LED displays continue to increase. They are no longer limited to traditional flat display but 3D advertising technology with highly interactive, high definition, 3D visual experiences that don't require any devices or eyeglasses to see the 3D effect. 

Why is advertising technology able to capture people's attention? The reason is that this type of LED display is integrated with a new design concept, combined with glasses-free 3D technology, giving viewers an extremely elegant visual experience.
 LUXMAGE is the first unit in Vietnam to embrace this new technology trend, using a common cathode aluminum LED display. The product uses common cathode technology, the aluminum module has good heat conductivity and high power saving, can self-dissipate when the weather temperature is high, IP 65 protection level adapts well to all weather, can broadcast unique 3D video and  images. 

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Công nghệ quảng cáo 3d
3D advertising technology promises to bring special performances
Công nghệ quảng cáo 3d
3D advertising technology brings unprecedented realism

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