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3D LED display

3D LED display

What is 3D LED screen display?

3D LED screen is a display that allows the display of 3D effects that can be seen with the naked eye without the need for professional glasses. This screen offers extremely realistic 3D effects, can perfectly display the content, and attract the eyes of passersby.

The naked eye 3D LED display is a new generation of energy-saving products with more refined and clear images, richer colors, and outstanding 3-dimensional space

Currently, 3D LED screens are starting to be popular and used in advertising. Many screens with 3D advertising technology in the world amaze consumers.

What is 3D LED display?

3D advertising technology promises to bring special performances


How to make a 3D LED display screen

In essence, the screen that can display the 3D effect is still a 2D LED screen. When playing video on a flat-screen, it cannot create a 3D look, even if it is 3D content. To achieve the 3D look, we need to mount two LED screens side by side at a 90° angle.
The flat LED display only shows the image once. But when we have two LED screens mounted side by side, it can show front on the right screen and left side view on the left screen. While the video is playing, the user can view two sides of the image at the same time. Thus, it creates a sense of 3D space when the user is looking at an object with more dimensions.

Advantages of 3D LED display screen:   

  1. Using the latest virtual 3D processing technology in the world, the high depth of field effect can reach 3 meters, which can let people get a vivid three-dimensional visual effect when looking directly at by naked eye
  2. Using the latest virtual 3D processing technology in the world, the high depth of field effect can reach 3 meters, which can let people get a vivid three-dimensional visual effect when looking directly at by naked eye.
  3. Ultra-high definition, the highest resolution can reach 1080P, just like watching high-definition TV.
  4. Energy-saving: After the product is optimized, the heat generation of the circuit is greatly reduced, and the power can be saved by more than 30-70% compared with an ordinary LED display of the same type.
  5. Silent power supply, the optimization of the internal circuitry greatly reduces the power consumption of the product and eliminates the heat dissipation mode of the electric fan, so that the product works in a silent state, This is especially suitable for occasions where there is a high requirement for ambient noise.
  6. Incredibly rich colors, obtained with the help of 16bit high grayscale grading and 5000:1 high contrast ratio.
  7. Image quality is best and highly stable, achieved with the help of ultra-high refresh rate and ultra-strong white-temperature auto-balance technology.
3D LED screen advantages

3D advertising technology brings realistic movements


What can a 3D LED display bring to a brand?

1. Reach both offline and online consumers

You not only convey your message to passersby but also customers on social networks. When your audience is watching the screen and filming and taking pictures to share on social media, you are also reaching out to the online community indirectly. The effectiveness of advertising will certainly increase by many times.

2. 3D LED screen is a great attention tool

People will be hard pressed by attractive 3D effects, especially if this is the first time viewing. Create quality 3D content that delights your audience, the more attention you'll attract.

3. An innovative way to increase brand awareness

Tell a good story, provide a valuable experience for the consumer. They will be inspired and will remember your brand. 3D LED display is the best support tool for you.

4. Clear and stunning picture quality

In order to create the most realistic 3D content, the LED display needs to meet several requirements such as high brightness, high dynamic range, and high grayscale


Application of 3D  led screen 

Just like traditional LED screens, 3D LED screens also have many applications in many different fields. First, it can be used as outdoor 3D advertising LED display. The goal of a video presentation is to attract viewers. Therefore, a vivid and highly attention-grabbing 3D digital display will definitely help you to achieve that goal. Compared with other digital displays and traditional LED walls or billboards, the giant 3D LED display has a higher communication value. With ultra-high resolution and brilliant graphic effects, it has a better visual impact.
3D LED screens are also applied where high definition screen is required:
- Shopping mall, Shopping Mall advertising screen
- Theater, performing arts center
- Museum exhibits;
- High-speed railway, airport lobby;
- Exhibitions and events.
- Conference room (hall) high-class hotel
- Auditorium, report meeting room

3D led screen supplier

3D LED screen display is a combination of art and technology. Art is how you want to present your message or idea. Technology is what makes your message more engaging. Creativity is an important aspect of every business. So, if you have a great idea and plan, why not give yourself a chance to take advantage of the advantages that 3D LED display has to offer?


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