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LED screen for shopping mall

LED screen for shopping mall

Nowadays, in many countries, it is not difficult for us to come across transparent LED screen in shopping malls (commercial centers). When the design of glass walls/glass materials became popular and popular, the transparent LED screen became almost a display tool, an advertising tool in these modern architectures.
Because the use of multimedia display systems in shopping centers is not merely pursuing advertising effects, but creating more creative applications to comprehensively enhance the level and value of the shopping mall. So the role of transparent LED screen in the market is highly appreciated, becoming a new technology trend in modern architecture.

 transparent LED screen for shopping malls

1. Why is it necessary to install transparent LED screen for shopping malls?

Transparent LED screen is a branch of LED screen, born to meet the display needs of luxurious and modern architectural spaces. The main reason is that the traditional LED screens in shopping malls often weigh over 30kg/m2, which requires a high load capacity of the original building structure. It also requires a large-scale steel frame structure during construction, which takes a lot of time and effort. Moreover, if the screen is not working, it will be black, affecting the aesthetics of the shopping center buildings, blocking sunlight and visibility.
Transparent LED screen completely overcomes this problem thanks to the following advantages:


  • The transparent LED display screen is thin and light, with relatively low requirements for the building's load-carrying capacity. Even if whennot in operation, it does not affect the beauty of the building.
  • High transparency ensures the lighting regulation of structures such as shopping mall floors, glass facades, glass balustrades, windows, etc.
  • The advertising content on the transparent LED screen can change at any time and can display different advertisements, in accordance with the dynamics of the shopping mall.
  • Using an efficient fiber optic transmission system, effectively reducing signal delay caused by long transmission distance, thus ensuring the consistency of the displayed image.
  • Minimize light pollution and reduce energy consumption compared to conventional LED screens.
  • Good heat dissipation, easy installation and maintenance.
 transparent LED screen for shopping malls

The Shopping mall transparent LED display is thin and light, easy to install and maintain


What should be paid attention to when installing transparent LED screen in a shopping mall?

  • Protection level IP65 is a suitable degree of protection level for indoor LED displays, which is dustproof and waterproof. For outdoor LED display, a higher protection level should be selected.
  • The fixed installation method does not affect the original wall structure.
  • High permeability, does not block light and does not block vision
  • Suitable for the  the shopping mall, can remotely control and manage the screen 
  • Based on the installation location and viewing distance, we must select the transparent LED screen with appropriate pixel pitchin order to give customers the best experience.

2. The role of Shopping mall transpatrent LED display screens in advertising

Transparent LED advertising screen is the perfect technology to display messages of great commercial value to buyers and potential customers. There are many reasons why transparent LED screens are assigned to the task of broadcasting advertising in shopping malls:


2.1. Get attetion

Due to the use of video, audio and animation, the broadcast message becomes even more impressive and strongly attracts customers . Transparent display technology provides excellent quality and brightness, leaves a deep impression on customers and has a lasting impact on the target market.

transparent LED screen for shopping malls

Shopping mall transparent LED display strongly attracrs customers


2.2 Transparent LED display can be install in any space

Due to the transparent feature, transparent LED display can be suitable for installation in many spaces and indoor locations. That's why they become the best choice for installation in the most crowded and out-of-the-way locations of shopping malls.

2.3. Promote customers purchase

With the help of transparent LED screens, brands will have more opportunities to reach new customers, because the advertising efficiency of transparent led screen is extremely high. This is one of the main reasons why many shopping malls have placed LED advertising screens in prominent places in their malls.

2.4. Flexibility in advertising content

Transparent LED screen saves considerable time and labor when you don't have to re-print printed labels, posters, flyers, tarpaulins,v.v..Changing advertising content only needs a few steps, when a campaign ends and another begins.

2.5. Focus more on specific goals

The connection between brand content and customers is more important than ever, as digital media creates clearer specific customer groups. This ability to personalize content makes your message popular with customers.

transparent LED screen for shopping malls

Transparent LED screen in shopping centers send specific messages to target customers


3. Where to install transparent LED screen in the shopping mall?

3.1 Atrium, Corridor or The wall of the shopping mall

The transparent LED screen in the mall can both serve as an advertising display, meet the occasional design, and create a good shopping atmosphere. A location that meets these two requirements very well at the same time, is the atrium, corridor or the wall of the shopping mall, where it is easiest to attract the attention of customers. We can use the 2-sided transparent LED screen to ensure higher aesthetics. With diverse designs, customizable in size and shape for maximum creative expression, transparentLED screens will bring a better sense of technology and visual experience.
We need to pay attention that if it is a hanging transparent LED screen, during the construction process, it is necessary to conduct a special survey and strictly comply with regulations on safety in installation and use.

transparent LED screen for shopping malls

The shopping mall tranparent LED screen suitable for installation in a central location


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3.2 Glass barrier

LED glass display replaces the glass barrier in the shopping center to increase the advertising function, it is necessary to ensure the aesthetics, harmony in the modern structure, bearing capacity and ensuring maximum certainty. Criteria for choosing led screens for glass barrrier in shopping mall is:

  • Custom designed fence structures are used to ensure maximum strength and stability.
  • Barrier hardware is designed and manufactured by a top listed brand with reliable and enduring market recognition.
  • Surface with anti-fingerprint technology, anti-fouling, easy to clean and environmentally friendly
  • Prevent internal breakage, double-sided tempered glass, which will ensure everyone's safety.
  • A waterproof protective layer is used to ensure that the power supply is kept dry and well grounded.
transparent LED screen for shopping malls

Turn the barrier into an advertising screen with the transparent glass LED barrier display

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3.3 Sign/ signal and banner

Sign/ signal are the recent development of transparent LED screen. In the shopping malls, tranparent LED display can be applied to:

  • Booth/shop/store signboard
  • Elevator sign board
  • Signboard in the shopping malls
  • Signboards leading to emergency exits, restrooms
  • Signboards leading to exits, entrances and basements for vehicles.

When synchronizing signs and signage in the shopping center with transparent glass LED screen, the space will become much more modern, changing the displayed message also becomes faster and more flexible.

transparent LED screen for shopping malls

Using glass LED sign to create a unique attraction for the store


transparent LED screen for shopping malls

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4.Which unit is reputable in installing LED screen for shopping mall?

The current transparent LED display market for shopping mall is very active. Many quality products, leading in technology were born to meet the increasingly stringent needs of customers. Besides, there also exist many imitation products similar to the original product, but the quality is inferior in all aspects.
Therefore, as a pioneer in the field of transparent LED screens in Vietnam, Luxmage not only provides genuine high-tech products, but also has the responsibility to provide customers with comprehensive solutions from design, install to maintain ,v.v. We always try to find the solution that best suits the unique needs of each project and each customer.
Whenever you are interested in transparent LED screen for shopping malls ,please contact us through the following forms:

Vi Luc Technology Co., Ltd - LUXMAGE
Address: No.80, Street 9, Go Vap District, HCM city
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