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7 tips to help maintain the life of transparent LED screens

After a long time of using transparent LED screens, the product definitely needs maintenance. Perhaps many people are not familiar with the concept of transparent LED screens, but nowadays, transparent LED screens have been gradually applied to high-end office buildings, commercial complexes and stores in central urban areas.

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maintain the life of transparent LED screens

Transparent LED display for upscale stores in shopping malls


So how to maintain the transparent LED screen?
In the daily maintenance of transparent LED screen, the following points should be noted.
1.Keep the power supply stable and well grounded. Try not to use in the harsh natural environment (such as strong lightning weather)
2. Transparent LED display should be placed in the environment with as little dust as possible, and it is strictly prohibited to let water, iron powder and other conductive metal objects enter. Dust particles will affect the display effect, too much dust will damage the circuit, if for various reasons into the water, please immediately turn off the power and contact maintenance personnel until the display panel appears. The display inside the screen is dry before use.

7 tips to help maintain the life of transparent LED screens

3. LED transparent screen daily maintenance is also important, regularly clean up the screen on the accumulation of dirt, so as not to affect the heat dissipation function. Use vacuum cleaner, air gun device to remove dirt, please do not use too hard or too rough cloth wipe, so as not to damage the surface of the product.

4. It is recommended to let the transparent LED screen rest at least 2 hours a day. In the rainy season, it is recommended to use the screen at least 1 time/week and at least 2 hours/month.
5. In the long-term screen inspection process, should avoid making the screen appear yellow, all red, all blue and other images, to avoid excessive current damage LED, affecting the service life. Please do not disassemble or connect the monitor by yourself without consulting the technical staff.

7 tips to help maintain the life of transparent LED screens


6. Night use, you can adjust the screen brightness according to the environmental brightness, both energy-saving and extend the life of the LED display.

7 tips to help maintain the life of transparent LED screens

7. Regularly check whether the transparent LED screen is working properly and whether the transmission line is damaged. If it does not work properly, it should be repaired or replaced in time. LED display internal circuit failure, non-professionals please do not touch, so as not to electrocute or damage the circuit, if there are problems, please seek professional help.

Above are 7 notes to help maintain the life of transparent LED screen, if you need help in the installation and use process, please contact us at

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