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8 factors affecting the cost of using outdoor LED screens

In this article, we will discuss how to calculate outdoor LED display costs from various aspects including size, design, shipping, location, maintenance, energy costs, and more. to show you how to budget for your outdoor LED display project. To figure this out can help you find a reliable supplier to complete your business and can save you a lot of money.

8 factors affecting the cost of using outdoor LED screens

Outdoor LED Display Cost - The Basics

1. LED display base cost

There are two basic costs for you to consider excluding other factors: the cost of the LED cabinet and the LED control system.

The price of the LED display cabinet is determined by the cabinet material, PCB board, power supply, driver IC, LED lamp beads, etc., and of course, the size.

It is recommended to choose an LED cabinet with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 because this aspect ratio can be compatible with most video sources and meets the aesthetic.

More advanced operating systems will cost you more, for example, wireless connections will charge more than landline connections. And if you want to achieve some extra functionality like temperature monitoring, some ancillary equipment like temperature sensor may be needed.

8 factors affecting the cost of using outdoor LED screens

2. Maintenance cost

Common maintenance costs occur when there is a requirement to replace the power supply, receiving card, LED display module, LED lamp beads, etc.

You can partner with reliable extended warranties to help reduce repair costs. In addition, the professional technicians of the sales team can also limit the cost.

3. Settings

You may need special installation personnel to complete it. Furthermore, the design of the installation project will also affect the final budget.

For example, if you choose the stacking method, a scaffolding structure may be required.

If you switch to a “flying” structure, it means that the screen will be fitted to an overhead truss system, ceiling grid, crane or some other support structure from above.

8 factors affecting the cost of using outdoor LED screens

4. Electricity cost

This part of the cost is directly related to the quality of the LED display. If you buy a high-quality LED display, it can save you more energy costs than you think. You can get actual power consumption from suppliers.

Here are three points for you to figure out before calculating the value:

(1) Number of hours used in a day:

How many hours per day will you use the screen? You can choose the average to apply.

(2) Average power consumption:

Select the average power consumed by the LED display in watts.

(3) Electricity price:

To get this, please check your local electricity bill or global electricity rates.

If you want to save some money on this part, you can opt for an energy efficient LED display or calibrate your display.

We have different ways to calculate costs to get a more probable or exact cost. You can refer to this LED display power consumption technical essay for useful information!

5. Shipping fee

Import costs, shipping costs, taxes or tariffs are different for different countries and religions.

Compared to sea shipping, air freight is more expensive but can save you more time. The cost of the latter is about five times more expensive than the former. And the delivery date is about 25-30 working days from Shenzhen to LA by sea while it takes about 3-7 working days by air.

If your project is urgent, you can consider air shipping, if not, you can choose other shipping ways to save money.

8 factors affecting the cost of using outdoor LED screens

6. Location cost

Locations with heavy traffic will charge more than locations with less pedestrian traffic. For example, downtown, shopping malls, major highways, attractions, toll stations, bus stops, and metro stations.

7. Spare parts

You can purchase some parts from your suppliers in case there are no spare LED modules of the same color or same brightness.

In general, a reliable LED display replacement will offer 3% spare parts and 2 years warranty on each bulk order.

8. LED Display Specifications

As you may know, brightness, pixel pitch, viewing distance, size, contrast ratio, refresh rate all determine the outdoor LED display price.

Brightness is measured in nits, the higher the nit number, the brighter the screen and the higher the price. Choosing a brighter display with a light sensor can help reduce operating costs and replacement cycles.

Pixel pitch refers to the density of LED beads on the screen. The narrower the distance between two neighboring LED beads, the higher the resolution, and the clearer the image and video.

8 factors affecting the cost of using outdoor LED screens

It is clear that higher standard specifications will lead to higher outdoor LED display costs.
In this article, we have listed 8 factors that will have a necessary impact on the cost of outdoor LED screens. There is no actual outdoor LED display price range here as you can see, as it depends on many aspects. But you can have your own outline, and then think about it from the points we discussed in the article.

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