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9 things to know before renting an LED screen to save you a lot of time and money

Even if you have experience renting led screens, you can still make some mistakes due to lack of necessary knowledge below. And if this is the time you find out and rent a led screen, then this article is exactly for you.

1. Technology terms to know before renting an LED screen

If you are planning to rent an LED screen for your event, you want to quickly grasp some basic technical terms, making it easier for you to discuss with the led screen rental company. From there, you can make the right choice and make a more accurate decision. Learning some technical terms about rental LED screens will help you discuss it with your supplier and make the best decision.

Pixel pitch

Refers to the distance between the LEDs and is responsible for the clarity of the screen. The pixel resolution is directly related to the resolution of your rental LED display. Choosing a resolution for LED screens depends on your budget, event space and audience viewing distance, so contact us for the fastest advice and selection.

Screen Structure

The screen structure of your event LED display can be modular or portable. The modular display is a large LED display composed of multiple cabinet panels. This type of screen structure gives you more flexibility in choosing the screen size. Rental portable LED screens are pre-built displays that bring to your event mounted and delivered on a truck or other vehicle.

9 things to know before renting an LED screen

Led screen rental module design



Screen brightness refers to the light quality of your rental LED display. It is usually measured in nits or lumens. One nit equals 3.42 lumens. Simply put, the higher the numeric value, the brighter your screen will be. It is recommended to rent LED screens with 5,000 nits for outdoor use.
Knowledge to know about renting led screens

9 things to know before renting an LED screen

Brightness is an important factor to consider when renting a led screen


Optimal viewing distance

Optimal viewing distance refers to how far away your audience can be from a rental LED display without viewing interruptions. Different LED screens require different viewing distances. Viewing distance and pixel pitch are correlated. If the viewing distance is longer, you need a higher pixel pitch.

IP index

The IP rating or ingress protection rating refers to how well the rental LED display protects against the ingress of liquids and solids. The higher the IP rating, the more protected your LED display is from external hazards. Understanding these terms will help you choose the right rental LED display types for you.

2. Distinguish indoor rental led screen and outdoor rental led screen

There are rental LED screens specially designed for outdoor use and indoor use.

Indoor rental LED display

Generally, indoor rental LED display has lower pixel ratio and better resolution than outdoor rental LED display because the audience will be closer to the LED screen.
Indoor LED screens are usually modular as they have to fit into the doors during installation. These displays are also less durable and less bright than rental outdoor LED screens.

Outdoor rental LED display

As noted above, outdoor LED screens are more durable and brighter because they are designed for long distance viewing.
They are also manufactured with a higher IP rating as they need to survive in harsher environments.
Refer to the specifications of outdoor LED display and indoor led display.

9 things to know before renting an LED screen

Specifications of indoor led screen
9 things to know before renting an LED screen

Specifications of outdoor led screen

3. What applications does the rental LED display have?

Rental LED screen is a very popular digital display used in events with many different purposes.
To get you started, here are some creative ways people use rental LED displays:

Great advertising display

If you want to broadcast live video to a large crowd, you can use rental LED screens to cater to everyone. Whether for streaming movies, playing live games, live news or a national event, a live LED display is the go-to tool.
Knowledge to know about renting led screen

9 things to know before renting an LED screen

Rental LED screen used in advertising


Stage LED screen

To set the stage for your event, you can rent a stage led screen and use it as the background for your stage.
Stage background LED screens not only make your stage look more attractive, but also bring artistic lighting to your event venue.
A great theatrical backdrop is also very helpful in capturing and capturing the audience's attention. You can show interesting movies or pictures during breaks or dead air to engage your audience.

9 things to know before renting an LED screen

Led screen for rent as a stage screen


Social media wall

Large rental LED display is used as a digital display of relevant social media posts or images to promote brand awareness at your events. People who attend your work will be excited to see user-generated content from their colleagues' social media posts.
It's a cute addition to your office or live events

Sports event

Sports take place in large arenas. Rental LED screens during sporting events help every fan not to miss a thing. You can also use it to display real-time scores of games.


9 things to know before renting an LED screen

Rental LED screen used in sports events


4. Benefits of renting LED screens

The demand for renting LED screens has increased in recent years. LED screens are a proven effective way to enhance your audience's overall experience.
Here are some benefits of renting large LED Screens and portable LED screens during your events:

Increase audience engagement

Having an aesthetically pleasing LED digital display will capture and capture the attention of your audience. Audiences often tend to be disconnected from afar when they can't see what's happening at center stage.
So having a giant LED screen helps you to convey your message and entertain as well as engage your audience during your event.


9 things to know before renting an LED screen

Led screen helps to attract the audience during the event

Show a level of professionalism

The best way to let your audience know that you mean business is to make every aspect of your event look professional. Event organizers are often criticized for the designs associated with the venue.


9 things to know before renting an LED screen

The led screen is used as a screen to separate the reception area and the hall to make the event more professional

That includes digital signs and displays that you will set up during the event. So equip stylish yet highly functional rental LED display to help you achieve professional design.

Since this type of rental LED display is modular, it allows you to have a custom size and shape depending on what you think will suit the venue and nature of your event. It gives you a large wall-mounted display without taking up too much space.

5. How is rental LED screen price determined?

If you are going to rent LED screens for events, price may be the number one concern. Whether you are looking to rent indoor or outdoor LED screens, here are some factors that greatly influence the cost of led screen rental:
Screen size

How large a LED digital display you need will significantly affect the price of your rental LED display. The size of your screen depends on the viewing distance of your audience. The bigger the venue you have, the more audience you expect and the further they are from the screen, the bigger the LED screen you will need. More giant screens also mean a higher price; Smaller screen means a smaller fee.

9 things to know before renting an LED screen

The price of rental led screen depends greatly on the screen size


Resolution is another factor that affects how much you need to pay to rent an LED display. There are many types of LED screens with different resolutions. This factor again depends on the viewing distance of the audience. You want better screen resolution if your audience is close to the screen. Moreover, if you want to invest in higher quality, spend more on it.

Installation Type

Another game changer is how much money you need to buy your LED display. You can choose to mount your rental LED display, place it on a truck, hang it from the ceiling, or stack it. The more complicated the installation process, the more specialized equipment is needed, which adds to the cost of your monitor.

9 things to know before renting an LED screen

Led screen has a streamlined design that will make installation faster


6. LED screen rental process

These are the steps you must go through if you are planning or thinking of renting indoor and outdoor LED screens.
Contact or visit your potential rental LED display supplier's website.

Find out about their products and services by checking out their websites or just ask directly. Most LED suppliers are good enough to give you the answer. You can also request a quote.
Plan out what kind of LED screen rental you will use in your events.

It is essential to know what you want as your LED supplier will ask you these questions before receiving your quote. The type of LED display they will offer and their price largely depends on your event requirements.
Guaranteed service contract.

If you find the LED supplier's offer good enough for you, you will have to make an agreement with your LED supplier. Make sure to read the contract before signing. Discuss with them if necessary.
Pay the initial deposit or prepayment.

Done during the contracting process, the deposit amount depends on your supplier.
Prepare a logistics plan after the contract is signed. Your supplier will start preparing your rental LED display. They will contact you from time to time, especially a few days before your event, to take care of the logistics. It's to make sure that everything goes according to plan.


9 things to know before renting an LED screen

A good plan will make the installation of the led screen more convenient

Implement the plan.

A team of experienced personnel will arrive at the site a few hours before the show begins. They will set up all the LED screens as planned. Technicians will be available during the event to operate the LED display and troubleshoot if something goes wrong.
Provide your feedback. After dismantling the installed LED screens, the supplier will usually keep in touch with you to settle the remaining balance and request a drawdown.

7. Rental LED display installation time

Rental LED display installation can last from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the size of your rental.
Rental of LED screens usually takes about 30 minutes with minimal staff as these LED screens are pre-made before the event.
Larger LED displays with modular displays will take longer to install. It also requires more technicians.
The amount of time it takes to install your rental LED display is mainly related to how large and complex you plan your LED display to be.
Our experienced technicians and engineers carefully plan everything, including the timely completion of the installation task, so as not to cause any delay in the production process. your.
After many years in the LED industry, we assure you that everything will be under control and going well as planned. A technician will also make sure LED display related things are being taken care of.

8. Some tips for renting an LED screen

If you are producing or hosting an event, having a rental LED screen would be an option worth considering.
Whether for promotional or decorative purposes, here are a few tips to follow to ensure your success in choosing the best rental LED products and services for your important event.
Ask a question: If you don't understand something, please raise concerns with your vendor/vendor to better understand the content and cost of LED display rental.
A good LED service provider will be happy to assist you with your needs, including answering your questions.
Book in advance: Rental LED screens are all the rage these days. There is a tendency that your supplier may run out of stock during your events.
To avoid last minute stress from cramming, be sure to reserve your LED display in advance. You can even get it for a lower price if you book months in advance compared to paying a few days before the event.
Demo Request: Ask your supplier to demonstrate their products so you can see the actual quality of their LED display before committing to them. A good LED supplier will be happy to show you a demo because they are confident in their products and services.
Choose a reliable supplier. You don't want to compromise the success of your events by hiring unreliable LED suppliers. Ask for references from trusted people. Read reviews and feedback and choose a provider with good technical support.

9. Where can I find rental LED display suppliers?

We customize our products and services to the needs of every customer to ensure that all our customers experience nothing but the best LED display experience. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. Our unremitting efforts to provide only the best rental LED display services with the latest technology make us the leading solution provider in the LED industry.
Click here to see the projects we have done. Contact us today to choose the right led screen rental, the best preparation for your event. We will be happy to serve you.

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