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Compare film LED screen and transparent LED screen

Talking about LED film screen is referring to one of the developed products of transparent LED screen, and it is one of the most popular and highly applicable products. So what's the difference between LED film screen and transparent LED screen? Let's take a look at 3 aspects below.

1. Product Type

Conventional transparent LED display is divided into two types: positive emission and lateral emission according to the lamp bead patch. The former is mainly used in the fields of rental and commercial display. The latter is mainly used in the field of technical customization. According to the box type, it is divided into frameless transparent screen and frameless LED transparent screen, the former type of screen has a stable structure, and is commonly used in rental and other fields with requirements. less stringent on permeability. Frameless transparent LED display has simpler structure and higher permeability, which is more suitable for glass window field.

LED film screens usually only have an active light-emitting pattern, generally a panel structure without a frame. Use the P10 film screen with more models. In terms of application, it is mainly in the field of window display and commercial. It is not very suitable in the rental sector.



Compare film LED screen and transparent LED screen


Film LED Display



Compare film LED screen and transparent LED screen



Transparent LED Display




2. Structural Design

Transparent LED display is also called rigid led bar transparent screen, normally the LED panel is fixed on the structure box and has no flexibility. Conventional transparent LED display lamp beads use RGB tri-color SMD lamp beads, which have high durability, long life, low energy consumption and rich display colors.

film LED screen and transparent LED screen

Transparent led screen with many hard led strips


LED film screen uses a flexible transparent PC panel, so the screen body has a certain degree of flexibility. A built-in lamp bead with integrated circuit IC is used. This IC integrated lamp bead integrates the control circuit on the led, the circuit becomes simple, the volume is small. In addition, the circuit does not need to design redundant control components, which not only helps to increase the overall transparency of the transparent screen, but also reduces the main cost of IC components.

LED film screen uses flexible transparent PC panel

In terms of product design, both use new materials, especially the lamp beads of the film, this is the secret to making the LED film screen thinner and clearer than the transparent screen.

3. Differences in application areas

These two types of screens have similar application fields, both used in glass walls, glass windows, commercial displays, auto shows and other fields.
However, the transparent LED screen has irreplaceable advantages, for example, in the field of art stage, the transparent LED screen has a lot of practical application cases, but the current LED film screen not used much in this field.

Compare film LED screen and transparent LED screen

Transparent led screen as stage background


Compare film LED screen and transparent LED screen

Film led screen when applied in store advertising


Moreover, in the field of medium and large-scale engineering applications, the maturity of transparent LED display technology and the relative actual market share have more advantages.
However, in the field of small and medium applications, LED film has more advantages, such as film products using glass, exhibition cabinets and other brands to display commercial advertising information to users. , showing featured products and full technology. So in the future, the two products will still be compatible and co-exist.

Compare film LED screen and transparent LED screen

Both types of screens have great growth potential in the future


In addition to the above 3 decisions, the transparency of the former is about 5% higher than that of the latter model, the film and screen are transparent, the former has a frameless panel structure so the product is lighter, thinner, and More convenient for transportation and installation.

In general, both are customization projects, but in terms of mass application and standardization, film screens have greater potential, as LED film screens are easy to install and maintain, and near than the feasibility of commercialization. Due to its lightness and thinness, it can be self-installed, especially in small and medium scale application areas such as ordinary shops. Products that are easier to use, more stable and more convenient are always the focus of customers.

Posted by: Admin - Date: 09-12-2022