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Stage LED screen - Advantages and how to choose

Stage LED screens are often used to further enhance the viewing experience of attendees. Stage LED screens make your show more engaging and engaging. In addition, it adds excitement, style and theme to the entire event space.
The eye-catching stage LED display helps convey messages, information and other important details to the public conveniently.

Stage LED screen

The stage screen makes the show more attractive

Currently, there are many events that choose to use stage led screens such as concerts, trade events, conferences, seminars,... You can also use stage LED screens to enhance the events. peak activities at schools, universities, museums, cultural and heritage events,...

1. Characteristics of stage LED display

In order to meet different stage design requirements, the stage LED screen (in the industry called rental LED screen) is very different from the traditional fixed installation LED screen in terms of structure and system as follows:

1) This display consists of many cabinets that combine into one large screen display area. Currently, Luxmage LED rental cabinets are available in sizes 500 mm×500 mm and 1000 mm×500 mm.

Stage LED screen

Stage LED display consists of many cabinet components, easy to install and dismantle.

2) In order to facilitate installation and disassembly, the cabinets need to be light, thin and compact; As the quality of the stage LED screen is getting higher and higher and the pixel pitch is getting smaller and smaller to ensure the display quality and splicing accuracy, the rental cabinet needs to be sturdy and durable.

3) In order to improve the splicing accuracy and disassembly efficiency of the LED rental box, the box is equipped with a quick locking device and even a positioning mechanism is specially provided between the LED boxes.

4) In order to protect the lamp beads on the box that can be damaged during frequent disassembly and assembly, rental LED display manufacturers usually install a guard called a mask on the front LED illuminator.

5) To meet high reliability requirements such as live broadcast, the content source signal and the control signal transmission system must have dual redundancy; Also to ensure high reliability, LED display also designed front maintenance structure, which is convenient and fast.

Advantages and how to choose a transparent led screen for the stage?

Transparent LED screens have been relatively popular in the past few years, and the application of transparent LED screens on stage has significant advantages, let's find out what these advantages are shortly. 

Stage LED screen

Transparent LED screen easily integrates into the event space


When used on stage, concert, screen can be installed in different ways according to the shape of the stage. Combined with transparent, thin and aesthetic characteristics, it can create a stronger perspective effect and make the depth of field of the whole picture longer. And it won't block the gap due to the stage design, giving the whole stage a special and dynamic atmosphere, expressing the theme of the concert.
Compared with ordinary LED display, the weight of transparent LED display is only 50% or less, installation and disassembly is more convenient, no need to worry too much about the load bearing problem, can also reduce the burden weight of the stage structure and improve performance.
The transparent LED display has extremely high disassembly and assembly convenience. The weight of a cabinet is only 12kg/m2, which can be installed, disassembled and transported quickly. This is a better choice for scenes like stage, dance, festival. With a huge workload on stage layout, choosing a more convenient transparent LED screen can effectively reduce the workload, labor intensity and difficulty of stage construction.
The traditional LED screen uses a closed box structure, without the number of stage lights, it will be difficult to show a good stage effect. . However, the transparent LED screen can be constructed in different ways according to the shape of the stage. the overall depth and strong perspective effect without blocking the stage light, making the stage space more beautiful. with real scenes or backgrounds, and increase the realism of the stage environment in the amount of data
During the performance, the cool virtual image created by the transparent LED screen gives the audience spatial imagination.

Stage LED screen

So how to choose the transparent led screen application on the stage? Specifically, look at these three points:

1. Display area

If the display area is relatively small, do not choose products with a large distance, but if the display area is relatively large, you can choose products with a small distance, for example if the display area is only ten meters. square. , then you can choose P3 .91 series, not suitable for P7.8 and P10.4, if it is more than 100m2 or even 200m2 of concert background screen, you can choose P7.81 or P10.4 , but P10.4 will be more cost-effective.
2. Choose from viewing distance

Those of you who know about the full color LED display screen know that we usually use P to represent the specific model of the display, and the value behind represents the pixel pitch of the full LED display. full color, such as P5, means a pixel pitch of 5mm. The smaller the distance value, the higher the displayed pixels per unit area and the clearer the transparent LED display. For example, if the user's viewing distance is about 4 meters, the P3.91 series LED transparent screen should be used. If the user's viewing distance is about 8 meters, the transparent LED display of the P7.8 series should be used. The transparent LED screen of the same area, P3.91 series has more pixels than the P7.8 series transparent LED screen, can show More content and the display effect is also clear clearer.

3. Expense budget

The transparent LED screen model selected for the concert cannot be selected only from the aspect of display performance. For example, the display effect of P3.91 is better, but its cost is also higher. When choosing a product model with a donkey image, you need to allocate by cost. For selection, if the user's viewing distance is more than 10 meters, the P3.91 selection can of course achieve the high-definition effect, but the P10.4 model can also meet the display needs. Note that the cost difference between the two types is very large, so it is necessary to choose in accordance with the cost requirements and actual use.
If you have been intending to use a transparent led screen but do not know where to start, you can consult a transparent LED screen rental.
The above are some advantages and notes when choosing to use the stage LED screen, hope this article can be useful to you, if you have any other questions, you can call customer service to be answered.

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