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Application of led screen transparent

If you have understood the characteristics as well as the benefits that transparent led screen brings, no one is not interested in this product line. However, can this product be used everywhere? How is its application? For any product line is still a question many people still wonder about!

When should I use a transparent led screen?

Unlike the usual LED screen line, the LED series are transparent due to their outstanding advantages in lighting ability and limited visibility so the scope of product application is also more widely available and used on many occasions. than. However, they are especially effective and used a lot in the field of advertising, brand promotion.

So when should we use LEDs? If you are in one of the situations below, you can think about the transparent led screen:

Good promotion on glass walls

Taking advantage of the glass wall to promote the image is not a bad idea, instead of leaving the front without doing anything. But how to advertise for that transparent glass wall? It's not about putting a big poster or poster right in front of it to stun the view, it's hard to change the image content. You do not choose this promotion for your luxury store, right?

So to change the flexible image content, the LED screen is a more reasonable choice. But for ordinary led screens, the installation area is quite large, the wires are complicated and imagine, a bulky screen is located right at the glass door that doesn't look at all.

This is the time when the transparent LED screen shows its advantages and does not affect the vision, fast installation, can change the appropriate promotional content. If you do not understand why the transparent led screen can do that, you can refer to their advantages through the article: (Insert the advantages of transparent led into)

Good promotion in the high position

If you are looking for an advertising screen to be hung high to provide a good view, without risking the installation and lighting process, the transparent LED screen is not a bad choice. Owning light advantages and easy to move, even the high position does not make it difficult to be transparent


The screen structure is made of aluminum, not too much cumbersome conductor and weighing only 12kg / m2 has been an advantage that led displays often cannot match. Because of this feature, it is not possible to hang transparent screens in high positions and still be safe.

Current application of transparent led screen

- Festivals, demos: Transparent LED screen glows well when there is no good lighting condition, not only that the point worth mentioning is that even under the daylight the naked eye can still show clear light obviously. For the use of LEDs during festivals, performances are both day and night.

- Showroom displaying high-class products: car showroom, shoe showroom, beautiful showroom, any store that aims at beauty can use this type of screen

- Chain of shops and shops: The chain of stores using screens with the display benefits as a smart poster can change the flexible content according to each activity, each promotion, each Festive season is different

- Restaurant, conference room: Conference center, wedding party restaurant to use the diversity and luxury for the party

- In addition, it can be applied to many banks, airports, events, theater and entertainment industries. They can both bring good lighting and enhance brand positioning for users.

Currently, transparent LED screens are being applied in many fields and industries. In the future, when life is more and more modern, "shopping" a led screen for businesses, restaurants, ... is at hand.

Posted by: Admin - Date: 24-05-2019