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Automatic led transparent door

Automatic led transparent door is a new application of the transparent led line. The development of the market economy has made the LED display technology constantly changing. For techies, ignoring this product line is a pity. So, the technology of automatic led transparent doors in particular and the line of transparent leds in general has advantages, which many technology followers cannot ignore?

Transparent LED technology
First, for those who do not know this new technology can refer to what is transparent led? This is a new product line invented based on practical needs: advertising on the glass wall! Also from practice, the current infrastructure architecture is mostly made of glass to help the space become wider, without limiting visibility. So, the question is: Why don't we take advantage of that space to promote businesses? Is there a transparent product like glass that just promotes the product without affecting vision? Finding the answers to these questions, transparent led products were born and brought more efficiency than expected.

Transparent LEDs invented based on actual needs: advertised on glass walls! both bring aesthetic effect and special ability with brand advertising
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Due to practical needs, transparent LEDs can be applied in many locations: such as high hanging, vertical installation, used behind glass walls (glass leds), etc. , businesses, restaurants, hotels, architecture, design, construction, ... even used in events and conferences that require quick and fast installation. Therefore, depending on your needs, you can rent transparent led screen for short-term use or own this product to promote new products, events of the year, ...

Concept and advantages of automatic led transparent door
As one of the successful applications of transparent leds - transparent automatic led doors have been, and will be, an automatic door trend in future building architectures. Therefore, their applications are also very diverse, they can be used instead of commercial center doors, businesses' doors, buildings, in 4S shops, hotel doors, showrooms. ..

Automatic led transparent doors bring many applications. Can be used instead of automatic doors at: doors of businesses, buildings, in 4S shops, doors of hotels, showrooms ...
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In addition, by possessing the following advantages, they have captured the hearts of users and rarely have a product line on the market that has similar features and functions that can be replaced:

· Attracting photos: High brightness makes images and content still show up vividly even under strong light (for example, sunlight, etc.) Therefore, automatic doors become floating Compared with other businesses in the region, able to attract the attention of remote customers, increase the percentage of potential customers to visit.

· High brightness: According to the current accurate specifications, the automatic brightness of the door is transparent up to 5000-5500 nits, as high as the sun's brightness. Therefore, automatic doors still show well even under sunlight, meeting customer needs.

· Transparency up to 95%: You do not need to worry about blocking the view from outside to inside from inside to outside or blocked by bright images. This is an advantage that automatic transparent led doors cannot fail to mention. Currently, the transparency of this product is in the range of 75-95%, the higher the transparency rate, the greater the ability to see through the inner space. Depending on the distance between the door and the viewer, you can choose the transparency of the product accordingly.

· Fast installation capability: Normally, before installing the transparent led automatic door, you will be advised, surveyed the position to give the best installation solution. This is an extremely important step to help speed up project completion time. Not only that, with light weight characteristics, no width limit, to meet all the needs of automatic door installation.

Cửa tự động led trong suốt

Automatic led transparent door
Advantages of automatic transparent leds include: image attraction, high brightness, high transparency, quick installation, economical efficiency, ...
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· Efficiency saving: Compared with conventional led screen lighting, transparent leds save more than 35% power and automatic transparent led doors are no exception. Not only that, advertising with glass wall perfectly replaces the posters, outdoor banners, helping you save a lot of advertising costs. In addition, the stability of the product helps you not to worry. Regarding the cost of maintenance and repair, the product is used for a long time.

With the advantages of automatic led doors above, is there enough reason for you to buy an automatic door right? If you have any further questions, please contact us for specific advice.


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