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Automatic transparent led door - traditional automatic door replacement solution

The automatic one-door design used in businesses, commercial centers, ... is no longer a strange thing. With the development of current technology, automatic doors are not only a place to protect the inner space but also a place to promote. Therefore, transparent LED automatic doors are the perfect replacement for traditional glass doors.
What is automatic transparent led door?
For automatic door concept, it must not be too strange for many people. However, what is automatic transparent led door? This type of door is integrated with additional devices so that it can automatically close, automatically open when sensors are activated.

They will open or close when the control device receives a signal activated by the sensors and control the motor wheels to work so that the door can be opened, when no one is detected in the active area. dynamic, the door starts to close after a while.
In general, transparent led automatic doors also operate on the principle of sensor, but what makes the difference from the traditional door is that on the transparent door surface, it displays a variety of content, serving the purpose. promote for businesses.
Why use transparent led automatic doors?
With the simple reasons below, you will be completely convinced by the automatic door type - this new trend of the future.
High transparency: Look from a distance of 4-5m, transparent performance in this situation reaches 75-90%. Therefore, the display is almost transparent, not blocking the view but more luxurious than most.

High brightness: brightness that transparent LED automatic doors emit up to 5000-5500 nits, brighter than sunlight so don't worry about the image being emitted black and invisible.
Advertising effectiveness: by advertising with video to help identify brand content, being easily located, thus attracting the attention of people.
Saving advertising costs: It is the same flexible display ability, you can change the content of promotion, introduction, information at different times. Extremely high ability to attract sight from the door of your business saves you many types of advertising costs such as banners, posters, leaflets, ...
Why are transparent led automatic doors increasingly popular?
The reason for a transparent LED automatic door is becoming more and more popular is none other than their undeniable advantages.
First, high stability is a significant advantage when using this product line. Operates with high stability, so the use time is long. This does not cause trouble for customers. Instead of using poor quality products, customers will experience headaches, worry about unsafe doors, or just use them for a short time, losing a lot of effort and money.

High transparency and high brightness are the advantages not to be missed given the characteristics that customers love. This is also a special feature of transparent leds that deliver 1000 times more efficiency than other advertising vehicles.
Time and method of installation are also one of the things that make those who are interested in transparent LEDs not to be missed. With light weight, fast mounting ability, unlimited width, meeting all installation needs and construction time.
City infrastructure with many changes, if you don't make a difference and make a lot of points, you won't stand out from everyone.
Normally, transparent led automatic doors are applied to install in crowded places, operating according to the sensor principle to make them smart products with many locations such as schools, commercial centers, central Event center, wedding party restaurant, high-end business door .... app comes.
With transparent led automatic doors, you seem to be admiring a work of art rather than a simple construction device.

Posted by: Admin - Date: 09-08-2019