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The use of bar LED screens is not only a way to decorate the environment but also the key to opening a series of advantages. LED screens not only create a unique entertainment space with the ability to display music videos and graphics, but also increase interactivity through social media notifications and interactive games.

In addition, bar LED screens create effective opportunities to advertise products, helping to optimize the diner experience. At the same time, the flexibility of the LED screen allows the space to be quickly changed according to specific events, creating a new and attractive atmosphere. Let's find out with Luxmage in this article!


The role of LED bar screens

Bar transparent LED display are not just a regular display device, but also a decisive factor in creating a unique entertainment space and attracting customers. Below is a more detailed analysis of the role of bar LED screens.

Create an Art Space

LED screens provide the ability to display images and videos with high resolution and creative colors. They can be integrated into the interior decoration of the shop, creating a unique artistic space. Dynamic lighting effects along with background music create an engaging visual and audio experience.

Show Music Video

Bar LED screens are often used to show music videos, from hit songs to live performances or special music events. This helps create a vibrant atmosphere that attracts customers and creates a unique point for the bar.


Displaying Event Information and Event Advertising



LED screens are an effective tool for displaying product and service advertisements in shops. Ads can be run between music videos or in the background for special events such as sale nights, parties or special events.

Bar LED screens are often used to convey information about special events, such as music nights, special parties or live sports results. This not only helps promote the event but also creates a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

Creating Backlighting and Ambient Lighting

LED screens are not only limited to displaying images, but can also produce backlighting and environmental lighting. Backlight effects and color-changing lighting can create an impressive space, adding a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.


Interaction with Customers


Some bars use LED screens to create interactive games with customers. Games like quizzes, quizzes or even displaying content from social networks help create interaction and engagement from customers.


Enhanced Virtual Reality ( VR ) Experience

In some cases, LED screens can be combined with virtual reality technology to provide a unique experience. This can include displaying virtual landscapes or even creating virtual spaces where customers can interact with their surroundings in fun ways.

Compare transparent LED screens and regular LED screens

With new technology, transparent LED display play an important role in conveying messages and enhancing viewer experience. Let's compare transparent LED screens and traditional LED screens to help you choose the most suitable display solution for your needs.

màn hình led trong suốt tphcm

Display Capability

Regular LED Screen: Using a regular LED screen, the visibility is not as good as a transparent screen because the higher the transparency, the better the display effect. Ordinary screens can also cause visual dizziness.

Transparent LED Screen: With up to 75% transparency, transparent LED screen provides better display quality, with vibrant colors. High transparency helps to see the surrounding environment without reducing visibility.

Installation Ability


Conventional LED Screen: Weight is about 50kg/m². Working with a conventional screen is quite difficult, especially when installed in high locations or with limited areas.
Transparent LED Screen: With a weight of 12kg/m², the transparent screen is much lighter, allowing flexible installation in many locations without taking up much space.

Lighting Ability

Conventional LED Screens: During the day, conventional LED illumination (4000 - 4500 cd) is often not enough to display clearly under sunlight. At night, high lighting (2000 - 3000 cd) can cause glare.


Transparent LED Screen: The transparent screen can reach 6000cd, ensuring clear display under sunlight. Adjustable lighting capabilities help optimize performance at night.

Savings Ability

Conventional LED Screen: Conventional LED is not effective due to high operating and installation costs. 100% lighting efficiency increases monthly electricity costs.


Transparent LED Screen: The transparent screen saves energy due to its self-cooling and ease of installation, reducing installation costs and power consumption, making it an affordable and cost-effective choice for user.

Technical specifications when choosing LED screen

The choice of transparent LED screens is increasingly attracting the attention of many customers with its impressive visual effects. However, the purchasing process can become complicated with a lot of technical jargon. In this guide, we detail the most important terms, from Pixel Pitch to Refresh Rate, to help you better understand performance and choose the right transparent LED screen for your bar.

Pixel Pitch - Pixel Pitch



Pixel Pitch is the distance between the center of one lamp bead and the center of the adjacent lamp bead. The measurement unit is millimeter. For example, P2.6 means the distance between two lamp beads is 2.6mm. This affects the resolution and price of the screen. Pixel pitch selection depends on viewing distance and project budget.

Viewing Distance

Viewing Distance is the distance between the screen and the viewer. For transparent LED displays, the specific pixel pitch determines the minimum and maximum viewing distance. The larger the pixel, the farther the viewing distance. However, indoors, choosing a small pixel pitch to ensure perfect display is a good choice.


Resolution is the number of pixels per unit area (usually per square meter). Each lamp bead is considered a pixel. For example, a P2.6 screen with a size of 3.33x2m has a resolution of 1280x720p (HD, 16:9).


Transparency applies only to transparent LED displays and measures the degree to which the LED allows light to pass through. High transparency helps reduce visibility of the LED strip at a distance.


Brightness determines visibility under sunlight. For glass windows with direct sunlight, a brightness of not less than 6000 nits is necessary. This helps save energy and avoid light pollution.

Cabinet Size


Each large LED screen is made up of many cabinet frames. This design makes packaging, transportation and installation easy. Each cabinet consists of many small modules. When there is a dead light, just replace that module, reducing maintenance costs.

Valid Display Dimension - Valid Display Dimension

Actual Display Size is the actual size of the screen, excluding the cabinet frame. Because of the surrounding frame, the actual display size will be smaller than the standard size of the cabinet. This parameter helps calculate and design video presentations more accurately.

Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate is the number of frames that can be displayed per second. This parameter determines the flicker phenomenon. For LUXMAGE products, the frequency ranges from 1920Hz to 5770Hz, ensuring faster display and high image quality when shooting.

Mastering these technical terms will help you make informed decisions and effective choices for your transparent LED project.

Reputable bar LED screen installation unit


Luxmage is a reliable partner specializing in providing LED screen solutions and services, with many years of experience in this field. We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to product quality, innovative design and outstanding customer service.


Quality Service


Professional Installation: Our technician team is highly trained and has extensive experience in LED screen installation. We are committed to ensuring that every installation detail is performed safely, correctly and with optimal performance.


Excellent After-Sales Service: Luxmage does not end with LED screen installation. Our after-sales service is top notch with ongoing support and maintenance, helping to ensure your monitors always operate reliably and efficiently.


Custom Design: We not only supply products but also work with you to create the perfect LED screen solution for your specific needs. From size and resolution to shape and color, we make custom designs to ensure you have the most unique and suitable LED screen. In addition, Luxmage also has a LED screen for rent service to help customers save more money, as well as experience our transparent Led screen.

Why Choose Luxmage?


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  • Reputation and Experience: We have built reputation and long-term experience in the industry, being a trusted partner of many large businesses.
  • Customized Solutions: We provide customized solutions to meet all customer needs and requirements.
  • Professional and Safe Service: A team of professional technicians ensures all installation work is performed safely and professionally.
  • Excellent After-Sales Service: Continuous support and maintenance to ensure the stability and performance of the LED display.

If you are looking for a classy and reliable LED screen installation unit, Luxmage is the perfect choice. Get in touch today to discover more about our outstanding products and services.


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