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Best event rental LED screen rental service in Ho Chi Minh City

Coming soon you have a big event and need to find a collaborative rental unit for transparent LED display?

Do you need a unique type of screen that is bold for a conference - an important event?

Do you need a smart device that a team of professional collaborators can bring to success for the event?

You want everything to be the best, the best! That's what Luxmage brings!

A market for LED display rental today

With the speed of developing the brand of economic integration, the occurrence of the conference event is often happening and looking for a LED screen rental service is not too strange. However, there are too many units providing this service in the market and the quality of products depends.


Transparent led screen rental for conference display

Many events that held the conference had to be dismantled and laughing when encountering unexpected conditions in the LED display. Some event organizers are expecting too much on a led screen that often frustrates disappointment. For example, a normal led screen is connected to a cable, while accidentally stepping on a cable is the display effect has encountered problems...

So how to choose a beautiful led screen and a reputable rental unit?

Features about transparent led screen

For conventional led screens, the conference is still no different. Still heavy, bulky and difficult to control. As you know, a led display module requires a lot of wires and is quite bulky. This leads to the difficulty of installing this type of monitor, and the harder it is to install in high-altitude locations.

Meanwhile, learning about the led screen transparent can see many advantages superior to ensure that when used will "eat off" the booth next door.

The characteristics of transparent led are useful for displaying conference content

  • High transparency: Clearness reaches 75% -95%, the screen is almost invisible when viewed from 5 meters.
  • Modular design: Based on the most appropriate pixel resolution, standard modules can be assembled into displays of various sizes.
  • Easy-moving with lightweight: Including all structures and power sources, the weight of each m2 is 12kg, only half the weight of the traditional screen.
  • High brightness: The power consumption of the LED is not only lower than the projection screen and LCD screen, with the high brightness of the screen ensuring that the screen remains clearly visible during the day.
  • Beautifully designed appearance: With transparent LED module design and simple frame structure, clearer, and more transparent structure.
  • Compact structure: With a lightweight design, the thin screen is not only compact but also saves shipping costs and warehouse cost 


The display image, the brightness of the transparent LED screen cut the viewer heart


  • Silent power supply: Equipped with mini power supply, the screen looks thinner, no more noise and more beautiful.
  • Perfect flatness: Accurate aluminum frame structure, ensuring the modularity of the module is perfect
  • Easy to install and maintain: Modules can be directly fixed to the frame quickly, and the settings can also be customized.

Why need to rent a transparent led screen?

The aforementioned features show how wonderful the transparent led screen is and the immediate purchase of such a transparent line is the dream of many event organizers. However, if already fascinated by color benefits colors they display but also stumble:

  • Financial problems do not allow you to immediately purchase a LED display that is transparent
  • You are a small company, do not need to drive regular events, only want to use in some campaigns, some events
  • Not necessary and not yet time for you to shop for such a luxurious screen?

So you don't need to worry too much about this. Led during Luxmage there is a rental service for you. Not only does it help solve the cost issue, but it also helps to experience the product before buying it for yourself. If you are in need of renting a led screen during your upcoming event, please register here.

See more information at:

Vi Luc Technology Co., Ltd.


Address: 80, Street 9, Ward 9, Go Vap District

Direct advice: 0988895066 (Ms. Quyen) or 0909965198 (Ms. Luyen)



Posted by: Admin - Date: 20-12-2022