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Compare transparent led screen and normal led screen

In the present day, perhaps the appearance of led screens is no longer so strange, but instead, they are considered indispensable. To better understand the LED display, in this article, learn about the topic.

What is the led screen?

This type of flat screen uses light emitting diodes with 3 main color systems to help display video images. Attached there is a small part called a module that can be a separate board or part of a larger screen to display the led.

A led screen is made up of many boards of led modules combined, a basic module board contains several hundred led lights. Therefore, the number of LEDs available in a led board is very large (also depending on the size).

To emit light, the diode is made up of a semiconductor chip, encased by a layer of plastic and an antioxidant coating, light can pass through this layer. For different semiconductor materials, different light colors can be emitted.

What is a transparent led screen?

For transparent led screen has almost the same structure as this ordinary led. However, it was made that this LED screen was not like a normal color block but was completely a transparent screen like a glass, which could see through everything.


transparent led creen
Transparent LED display for the ability to display crisp, sharp images

Comparison between regular led screens and transparent LEDs


Conventional led screen: Using a normal screen, the display is not equal to the transparent screen because the higher the transparency, the higher the new display effect. Not only that, but using a normal led screen is also stunned.

Transparent led screen: Transparent led screen has transparency of up to 75%, providing good display quality, brighter colors than regular LEDs. Not only that, because of its high transparency, it is possible to see things around and not be out of sight.

Lighting ability

Conventional led screen: In the daytime, the standard illumination parameters of this LED are about 4000-4500cd, while the lighting parameters of sunlight fall into 5000-6000cd. Therefore, during the day this index is quite low to be able to display clear advertising messages. At night, the lighting parameters of the LEDs are too high, up to 2000-3000cd making the viewer feel the screen is dazzling.

Transparent LED screen: During the day the transparent LED has a maximum illumination of 6000cd, making the image still display clearly even under the sun. Especially, for this type of LED, it is possible to adjust the lighting ability, so at night it is possible to adjust the lighting parameters accordingly.

Installation capability

Ordinary led screen: The normal weight of the led screen is about 50kg / m2, with this weight the installation in sensitive locations such as overhead, the small area is a difficult thing.

Transparent LED screen: The current standard weight of this monitor is 12kg / m2, much lighter. Therefore, you can freely hang or install depending on where you can promote the brand well, do not spend many areas of the store.


High outdoor lighting capability is one of the hardest debates of transparent LEDs​

Ability to save

Common LED screen: Normally, using the LED screen of this type will not bring high savings. Because, firstly, the operation and installation costs are high due to the need of many personnel, needing many devices such as air-conditioners to cool the lighting system, and monthly electricity bills, if it is necessary to use conventional LEDs, will be high due to lighting efficiency of the ball is 100%

Transparent led screen: Talking about the ability to save, the transparent LED is superior. First, by owning a transparent LED screen that mixes with the air, it automatically cools without the need for air conditioning. Secondly, installation is easy and convenient so there is no need for installation and labor costs. Not only that, but monthly electricity bills are also significantly saved, only half as much as regular LEDs. This makes transparent LEDs a product worth thinking for users.

Posted by: Admin - Date: 19-10-2023