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LUXMAGE event LED display and irreplaceable advantages

Event LED screens have become an indispensable tool to bring events to life, delivering promotional videos with stunning visual effects in high resolution. Our solutions are manufactured with industry-leading technology to produce sharp images that leave attendees with memorable experiences.

Is Luxmage event LED display really special?

Leading advantage
In the context that transparent LED screens are in the early stages of entering the event market, being ahead of the trend makes businesses stand out and different. Besides, advertising has become more advanced in this day and age, and transparent LED screens are the perfect example of that change. If you want to attract more customers to your booth then this display is a great choice. They are sleek, cost-effective, transparent, and easy to install and use.
Space upgrade
Using Luxmage screens to replace conventional led screens or posters will help improve the elegance of the space, attract people's attention and create a good shopping environment. Custom sizes of these screens can be selected according to your commercial space.

More aesthetic in the eyes of the audience
Beautifully displayed effects and images help create maximum impact on customers' minds. The monitor's brackets are simple, light, and beautiful, giving the display a clean and discreet look. Even LED lights contain a noiseless electrical box hidden inside it.

Energy saving
In the modern era of digital signage, these displays are highly energy efficient. It has beaten advertising media such as incandescent light source, ordinary LED screen and LCD screen. In addition, these monitors are durable, powerful and compact. Transparent LED screens are very bright and therefore can be seen even in daylight.

Refer to the brands that have used Luxmage event LED screens

LED display used in the exhibition

LUXMAGE event LED display and irreplaceable advantages

Luxmage event LED screen has a very unique transparent design


Screen used in the product announcement event

LUXMAGE event LED display and irreplaceable advantages

Luxmage screen in the new product launch event of the company Flizer


LUXMAGE event LED display and irreplaceable advantages

Luxmage event LED display at the launch event of the new Porsche Macan


Use in conferences, seminars

LUXMAGE event LED display and irreplaceable advantages

Luxmage event screen in the seminar connecting supply and demand of Tra Vinh Department of Industry and Trade


Trade Conference


LUXMAGE event LED display and irreplaceable advantages

Our monitors are suitable for high-end commercial conferences

10 reasons to choose Luxmage event LED display?

  1. Applying the latest LED technology, is the leading unit in the field of transparent LED display in Vietnam.
  2. Using high-end transparent technology LED screen, best quality
  3. Thin, light, does not take up space, especially suitable for spaces such as exhibitions
  4. High definition screen, suitable for close viewing distance
  5. Vivid picture quality, high brightness, not affected by lighting equipment on stage.
  6. Content can be flexibly changed easily with just a few mouse clicks
  7. Flexible installation: hanging form, standing form, changing size to suit the event space
  8. Belonging to the line of energy-saving products
  9. Good heat dissipation, no cooling device needed
  10. Easy to install, easy to disassemble.

Refer to the specifications of the Luxmage event LED display

With specs:

  • Cabinet size: 1000 x 500mm, 1000 x 1000mm
  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Installation method: Hanging type, standing foot
  • Transparency up to 80%
  • Brightness: 5500 - 6000 CD/m
  • Weight: 12kg/m

Luxmage specializes in providing package solutions including:

  • Survey and propose options
  • Provide monitor and maintenance
  • Advertising/communication video design consulting
  • Transportation, installation and dismantling.

If you need to know more about Luxmage event LED display, please contact us at:

Vi Luc Technology Co., Ltd - LUXMAGE
Address: 80, Street 9, Ward 9, Go Vap District, HCMC
Hotline: 0988.895.066

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