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Future Display Solution - The advertising industry is in desperate need of new ideas.

The rate of change in advertising is proportional to the rate of change in technology. Each new technology that emerges has significant advantages over previous advertising methods. The transparent LED advertising screen, also known as the commercial display solution, is a future trend that offers numerous benefits.

What role does the advertising screen play in brand promotion?
It's never been easy to communicate the brand's image to each individual customer. This necessitates the use of a variety of tools. A transparent LED advertising screen is one of the tools mentioned in this article.

Future Display Solution

Transparent led advertising screen meets both aesthetic and technical requirements.


The transparent advertising screen is considered a new commercial display solution, with a breakthrough structure that meets aesthetic requirements and technical durability, as well as the ability to operate in a highly stable manner.

Current screen lines have a number of flaws that make advertising difficult, including:

Limit your vision: Every current LED module on the market has a black background behind its structure. As a result, they obstruct vision and block light from entering the display space. When the screen fails, it causes cosmetic loss, obstructing vision even more. When in use, the effect is minimal.

Low aesthetic effect: Most video slideshows on a regular LED screen must have a background color, as can be seen. Because of the black LED screen background, black or gray backgrounds should not be used in video design. A limitation that needs to be addressed immediately in advertising is the inability to diversify video presentations to match advertising purposes.

Large weight: The average size of an LED module, which includes a frame system, conductor, cooling, and other components, is around 50kg. This volume can increase for large-sized advertising screens.

There are no flexible installation plans: There are no weight advantages, so their installation methods are limited. Traditional LEDs are nearly impossible to secure in high-suspension forms, install hang hangs, and are almost impossible to secure in large sizes. They can only install large sizes if they have access to land, or drop hangers for small sizes like signs.

Future Display Solution

Transparent LED advertising screens do not have complicated wiring systems like regular LED screens.

Repair and warranty issues: This screen's wiring system is quite complicated, so installation must be done with extreme caution. When an operating system error occurs, it becomes more difficult to repair. Because the conductor is so complicated, determining the error is difficult.

Trends in advertising on screens today

There are numerous flaws in today's advertising screen lines that make many customers uncomfortable. The transparent LED screen was created with the goal of providing more comprehensive and optimal display solutions. To address the aforementioned issues, use the screen to scroll through the following benefits:

High transparency: up to 90% of the population can look through the space inside as well as out into space. The glass wall has become the most prominent feature of city architecture, expressing luxury. As a result, the accompanying advertising screen must be timely and capable of displaying without disrupting the inherent level.

Future Display Solution

In the future, transparent LED screens will be suitable for trendless advertising on glass walls.


High radiance: Brightness that is compatible with sunlight allows the screen to display brilliantly at any time of day or night.

Water resistance IP65: Despite the Indoor line, many customers and advertisers are still interested in water resistance. Assist in the protection of the optimal screen from environmental agents, even if they aren't aware of it.

Lightweight: The transparent LED advertising screen can be installed in a variety of ways, including hanging, standing, or depending on the size and position requirements, a suitable installation type. The actual construction of the screen reveals that it is three times lighter than normal. For the current transparent advertising screen, a plus point isn't insignificant, right?

Show off vibrant colors: the R G B color system has a monthly performance of over 400 pcs. Ensure that high-contrast colors are bright and consistent. The unique feature of this transparent screen is that the display effect will be just as attractive, if not more so, if it is designed with a black background. When presenting, the locations are blacked out, the LED shadow on the screen is turned off, and the screen's transparency creates a lovely 3D effect.

The LED shadows are also turned off, allowing the screen to save up to three times more energy than a typical advertising screen. Instead of operating LED shadows at full capacity, where the number of LED shadows must always be 100% bright, transparent LED has helped save energy while providing high aesthetic effects.

Future Display Solution

Not only does a transparent LED advertising screen add aesthetic value, but it also has a high economic efficiency.

The economy is growing, and the market is becoming more advanced, allowing new products to emerge and providing more benefits. The development of transparent LED advertising screens, which adorn thousands of buildings and help them to always show the most, most obvious advertising effect, is the future display solution.

What is hesitant is that many of these hunters are not being displayed because of a lack of a solution. Please contact Luxmage in one of the following ways for free advice on transparent LED screens:


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