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Currently, advertising LED screens are receiving high appreciation due to increasing demand. This technology has spread applications in many different fields, especially advertising and entertainment, helping to promote products and serve music and sports events. The product also plays an important role in education, used for presentation and teaching.


LED screens not only appear in the entertainment field but are also integrated in the industry and construction industries. For example, it is used as video walls in exhibitions, meeting rooms and business centers. In addition, this product also has applications in the medical field, displaying patient information and important medical information.

With outstanding advantages, LED screens have become a new trend in displaying information and promoting products. We, Luxmage, are one of the leading companies in the field of LED screen installation. We are committed to bringing the highest quality LED screen products with the most reasonable value to end customers.



Structural characteristics of LED screens


LED screen is not just a simple product, but a sophisticated combination of three main components: LED Module, Control System, and Accessories. Below is a detailed description of each part of the transparent led screen, helping you better understand the complex but perfect structure of this screen.


LED modules

P3.9 LED module for indoor environments


The LED screen begins to form when the LED Module panels are mounted together. Inside each module is a world of advanced technology, with power sources, cooling fans and smart connection wires. On the outside, the frame structure is sturdy and protects the screen and internal devices, ensuring stability and durability.


LED Screen Control System


The control system is the brain of the screen, divided into three main parts: Image processor, Transmitter card, and Receiver card. The image processor acts as an intermediary, receiving signals from sources such as computers, cameras, laptops, and transmitting them to the screen through VGA, DVI, HDMI ports .

Transmitter card and Receiver card, two important components, link and transmit signals through RJ45 port and Cat5 or Cat6 network cable. This creates a flexible system, with the Transmitter Card acting as the link between the image processor and the Receiver Card on the LED panel.

Accessories Equipment

For the LED screen to operate perfectly, effective accessories are indispensable. The control computer, audio, and lightning protection device (for outdoor LED screens) are all important accessories that support stable operation and provide diversity in broadcast content.

In addition, quality power supplies and smart wiring are responsible for ensuring power supply and tight connections between modules. This homogenizes and ensures consistency in content display on LED screens.

From the LED Module to the Control System and Accessories, every detail in the LED display structure is crafted with special attention to ensure optimal performance and limitless user experience. This is not just a product, but the perfection of technology and design, effectively supporting all advertising and communication needs.

Advantages of advertising LED screens

Slim and Light Design

LED screens are not only a display device but also a symbol of convenience. With a slim and lightweight design, they facilitate portability and installation. This flexibility not only helps optimize space but also brings a unique user experience, suitable for all needs.

Clear, realistic images



High resolution and outstanding contrast, thanks to light-emitting diodes, LED screens create clear, realistic and vivid images. Rich color reproduction provides a great display experience, especially important in applications such as advertising, entertainment and live events.

Environmental Protection and Health

LED screens are not only a convenience but also a commitment to the environment and health. Do not absorb ultraviolet rays and do not contain mercury or toxic substances, they ensure that they do not pollute the environment and do not affect the health of consumers. A steady step towards sustainability.


One of the most outstanding advantages of LED screens is their impressive lifespan, up to 100,000 hours. This not only saves on replacement costs but also reduces their impact on the environment. Compared to LCD screens, LED screens have twice the lifespan, increasing the long-term value for users.

Low Power Consumption and Low Working Temperature

LED displays are not only beautiful and durable, but also energy efficient. Low power consumption not only helps reduce electricity bills but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the working temperature is much lower than traditional monitors, helping to maintain system coolness and stability.

LED screens are not just a display technology, but the perfect combination of convenience, image quality and environmental protection. With outstanding advantages, they are not only the top choice in the technology world but also a reliable companion for all display needs.

Quote for advertising LED screens

khoảng cách xem màn hình LED trong suốt

For each transparent LED screen project, determining the minimum and maximum viewing distance is most important to choose the appropriate option. In addition, factors such as installation location, intended use, and screen size also play an important role in making a specific decision.

If you are interested in the price of transparent LED screens, please contact us for more information. At the same time, determine the length and width of the screen so that Luxmage can provide a more detailed quote. Even if you are new to this type of screen, we will suggest you the choice that best suits the needs and budget of your business.

LED screen items Luxmage is providing

Outdoor led screen

Outdoor LED display is the perfect combination of high transparency, light weight and excellent visibility under sunlight. Widely applied in many fields such as outdoor overhead displays, office buildings, exhibition halls, outdoor stages, shopping malls, airports, and more.



Outstanding Features:


  • Waterproof and Dustproof (IP65): The product has passed the rain and water level test, ensuring high water resistance and suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Varied Pixel Pitch (P3.91-P10.42): Provides flexibility with multiple pixel pitch options, suitable for different applications.
  • Slim and Light Modular Design: Simple structure, light and thin at only 16kg/m2 and thickness of only 82mm, making installation quick and convenient.
  • Optimal Transparency: Transparency up to 50%, does not block outdoor light, creating a classy visual experience.
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation Performance: The screen has good heat dissipation performance, no need to install air conditioning, saves energy and protects the environment.


Diverse Applications:


  • Curved Advertising Boards: Curved screens at cosmetic stores create a highlight that attracts customers.
  • Advertising Boards on Top of Buildings: Used as advertising boards on top of buildings, convenient and impressive.
  • Large Billboards on Highways: Strong water resistance, suitable for large outdoor billboards.
  • Applications at Events and Exhibitions: The screen is transparent, thin and light, easy to install, suitable for use outside building glass walls.
  • Special Project: Disney's outdoor transparent LED screen in Japan, typical of the diversity and quality of products.

Led screen at home


LTN series - P3.9


indoor LED display offers optimal convenience and performance. With moderate brightness (2500 and 4500 CD/m2), the modular design integrates into a standard cabinet, helping to optimize costs and ease of installation. The LTN transparent LED display series uses standard SMT technology and Nationstar LEDs to ensure consistent brightness and color. This provides the ultimate visual experience, suitable for permanent indoor installation.



Suitable for indoor fixed installation, this transparent LED screen is widely used in glass windows, hallways, sightseeing elevators, and many other spaces.

Cabinet Size and Beautiful Design: Cabinet size: 1000 x 500 mm and 1000 x 1000 mm.

The simple, sophisticated structure of transparent LED screens creates brilliant beauty for retail stores and shopping centers.

P2.6 series - Luxmage LTN series:


Standard SMT technology and durable LED lights.
Modular design is flexible, customizable and easy to install.
Widely used in glass windows, lobbies, sightseeing elevators, and many other spaces.

Glass wall LED screen


Glass wall LED display is specially designed for permanent installation inside the glass wall, creating an attractive viewing angle from the outside. With high brightness up to 5500 CD/m2, it is the ideal choice for shopping malls, hotels, airports, showrooms, and 4S stores where displays with outstanding brightness are needed.


ứng dụng màn hình led trong suốt xrw


Main Features:


  • High Brightness and Great Transparency: 5500 CD/m2 brightness and up to 80% transparency, providing a wonderful and eye-catching viewing experience.
  • Modular Design for Easy Installation: Flexible modular design, making installation and maintenance simple and convenient.
  • Suitable for Spaces that Need Brightness: Ideal for permanent indoor installations, especially in spaces that need outstanding brightness.
  • Wide Application: Commonly used in street-facing glass windows, architectural glass walls, and special advertising spaces.

Poster transparent Led screen

Transparent LED Poster screen, also known as LUXMAGE's LP series, is a professional advertising and communication method for 4S stores and high-end stores, bringing unexpected attraction and uniqueness. .


LP series, known as Poster transparent LED screens, are ideal advertising solutions for many retail chains. With up to 73% transparency, natural light from the outside can penetrate into the exhibition space, creating unlimited visibility from inside to outside.



Use the Nexcloud cloud management application platform or a third-party HDMl gateway. Nexcloud - Smart cloud data management system, designed to serve customers specifically. Remote control with just 1 touch on the phone, manage content anytime, anywhere.


Operates silently, without noise, without the need for a bulky cooling system. Change content every minute, easy and flexible. Control content via phone application and smart control system. Save energy with an average consumption of only 240W/h.


Automatic door transparent Led screen

Automatic door transparent screen products are not only light but also transparent, creating a "creative and technological" space. This is the perfect solution to bring a distinct artistic atmosphere to commercial spaces.


LNS transparent LED screen series is specially developed for high-end brand stores. Replacing glass panels, glass walls, and glass partitions, they turn into glass LED screens with transparency. This is convenient for displaying content with high resolution, providing a great experience space for customers.

Borderless transparent LED screen


màn hình led trong suốt không viền


The LKV Series borderless transparent LED display is specifically designed for advertising windows in retail stores and display advertising. With flexibility in size selection and easy installation, this is the perfect choice to optimize display space and attract attention.


Outstanding Advantages:


  • 45mm Ultra Thin Cabinet: Creates a more vibrant and modern display space.
  • Horizontal Borderless Frameless Design: Maintains high screen transparency, optimizing the display experience.
  • Custom SMD1515 LED: Luxmage uses custom SMD1515 LED technology, providing greater transparency and resolution, maintaining the original high brightness.
  • Wide Range of Display Sizes: Available in a variety of display size options to fit store windows of different heights.


Flexible Design and Easy Installation:


  • Single Cabinet Design: Simple and convenient for installation.
  • Custom Cabinet Design: Flexible and accommodates special size requirements.
  • Easy and Fast Installation: Save time and effort during deployment.

Frequently asked questions about LED screens


LED screens are increasingly becoming an important part of both personal living spaces and business environments. To help you better understand this technology and make informed decisions, here are some frequently asked questions about LED displays:

What is LED Screen?

An LED screen is a display device that uses Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) technology to create images or videos. LEDs are arranged into pixels, creating a dynamic picture and bright colors.

What Types of LED Screens Are There?

There are many popular types of LED screens such as indoor, outdoor, transparent LED screens, car LED screens, and many more. Each type meets specific usage needs.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an LED Screen?

When choosing to buy an LED screen, you need to consider factors such as resolution, brightness, contrast ratio, and water resistance if used outdoors. For transparent screens, transparency is an important factor.

Where Are LED Screens Used?



LED screens are widely used in many fields such as advertising, education, entertainment, sports, automobiles, and architecture. It provides a flexible medium to convey messages and enhance viewer experience.

How Are LED Screens Installed?

Installing LED screens requires professionalism to ensure the best performance. Evaluating the installation site, support structure, and control software settings is important to achieve consistent performance.

Does LED Screen Save Energy?

Modern LED technology is often more energy efficient than other traditional technologies. This helps reduce operating costs and makes LED screens a sustainable choice.

How to Maintain LED Screen?

To preserve LED displays, periodic cleaning, checking cable connections, and maintaining a healthy environment are important. These maintenance measures help prolong display life and maintain display quality.

These FAQs provide an overview of the world of LED displays. If you have any questions or would like more information, don't hesitate to contact us. Luxmage is always ready to help you discover more about this exciting technology!

LED screen installation and rental service


If the information shared from Luxmage has made you interested, please make the correct decision by contacting us immediately. We are committed to providing dedicated advice, reasonable quotes, and quality LED screen rental and installation services in the shortest time.


Benefits of Connecting with Luxmage:


  • Specific Consulting: We will advise according to the specific purpose and installation location of your project.
  • Advertising Video Design Support: Receive professional support for the advertising video design process.
  • Professional Installation: Our team of technicians will perform the installation professionally and effectively.
  • Special Offer: Receive a special discount from 10%, depending on time and area of use.


Contact Now to Experience:

We believe that Luxmage will bring customers the best experience when using our transparent LED screen rental service. Don't hesitate, contact us now to start your impressive journey!


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