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Glass curtain wall "in the first place" LED transparent screen business opportunities are unlimited

In today's era of fierce competition in future display technology, LED transparent screen technology has been further enhanced. LED transparent screen has high visibility and can present bright and vivid image effects, making the product images more bright and superb colors to create a great visual experience for users. As transparent display technology is more recognized, all kinds of LED transparent screen is widely used in aerospace, commercial buildings, shopping centers, commercial refrigerators, as well as luxury and jewelry chain stores glass windows and merchandise display cabinets, automotive 4S stores, exhibitions, etc. LED transparent screen products with glass, display cabinets and other carriers to show users commercial advertising information, display recommended goods, technology and fashion sense The LED transparent screen products are very fashionable.


Glass curtain wall "in the first place" LED transparent screen

Transparent LED screen in Gamuda Land, Vietnam


Glass curtain wall "first" transparent display business opportunities are unlimited

  At present, big data, Internet, Internet of Things and other concepts have been given too many emerging concepts for the future face of the city. At the same time, the construction of a new city image is also brewing. The development concept of "innovation, coordination, green and sharing" has always been the principle of urban development advocated by China. With this, more and more LED transparent screen products appear in all corners of the new city. The building as a carrier of information dissemination is often called "architectural media", and in recent years gradually sought after by the market, especially in the application of glass curtain wall buildings. A new high transparent LED display technology, with high transparency, ultra-thin characteristics, in the field of architectural media has obvious technical advantages.


Glass curtain wall "in the first place" LED transparent screen

Transparency, thinness and lightness are the factors that make transparent screens easy to integrate into architectural glass walls


  Now many buildings for light, save building materials, environmental protection considerations, the application of glass walls, LED transparent display based on strong permeability, easy installation and maintenance characteristics, and glass curtain wall can be a seamless connection, applied to the glass curtain wall is not only in line with the building itself on the use of glass wall requirements, but also because of its fashion, beautiful, generous, modern and technological atmosphere, to the city building It adds a special sense of beauty. And LED transparent screen by virtue of its own good light-transmitting performance advantages, in a non-working state does not affect the building lighting. Thus, its architectural utility, display utility, ornamental are greatly in line with the current development of urban image of many requirements.


  LED transparent screen shines on the street stores "fashion value play"


  As we all know, the street window is an important means of retail store merchandise display publicity, so that the window a change of static display, flexible and changeable up. For the display of the retail store business categories, focus on marketing goods, to attract consumers to buy significant significance. Let stores in the overall more vivid, and consumers and the crowd to produce a deeper level of information interaction, is also one of the future trends in the development of advertising window design.


  The emergence of LED transparent screen not only integrates the advantages of conventional outdoor high-definition LED display, and also to a certain extent eliminates the store window aesthetic and load-bearing, the perfect solution to the retail industry window video display problem. Currently used in the retail window LED transparent screen, not only light, thin, easy to install, but also to achieve a minimum of 5mm pixel pitch and up to 80% of the transparency. Not only to overcome the ordinary paper posters need to post, replace the trouble, but also to a certain extent to avoid the ordinary LED screen and LCD screen bulky, impermeable, not beautiful weaknesses.


Glass curtain wall "in the first place" LED transparent screen

Transparent LED screens for windows at Trung Nguyen Legend


LED transparent screen shines on the street stores "fashion value play"

  However, although people inside and outside the industry generally look forward to the future development trend of transparent screens, but also some industry insiders raised doubts: the current market LED transparent screen customization products more, less, high cost, from the road to mass production is still relatively difficult. How to improve market acceptance, reflecting the market value has become an urgent problem to be solved. Want to meet the creative needs at the same time, but also to meet market demand is obviously the way to go. Obviously, take the road of professional customization production will be the inevitable trend of the future development of LED transparent screen. Unlike the traditional LED display mass production, professional customized production of products and services more customized links, and has diversified and personalized features, so that customers can customize LED transparent screen products on demand. In this way, it not only enables enterprises to gain differentiated competitiveness, but also enables them to maintain a relatively high profit margin. In addition, large-scale customized production, the technical quality of LED transparent screen products also need to be strictly guarded. From the existing market launch of the product, the highest rate of transparency screen has reached 85%, not only to ensure that between the floor, glass facade, windows and other lighting structure lighting requirements and perspective range, while having a good heat dissipation function, anti-aging properties, and easy to install and maintain, completely changed the limitations of the traditional led display on the glass application.


Glass curtain wall "in the first place" LED transparent screen

Transparent LED screens will be a powerful weapon for high-end retail stores in the future



 LED transparent screen as a new and innovative new products in the 21st century, when the LED display subdivision of the mall to kill a dark horse. It is widely used by more and more audiences to accept. This also signifies that technology changes the world! Even if the current industry development fire receded, in a downturn dilemma, but the only constant innovation, production of differentiated products, keep pace with the times, LED transparent screen to expand the frontier will gradually accelerate, is expected to become an important development direction of the future display industry.


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