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Transparent LED screens are a new type of advertising screen, capable of displaying images and videos with high sharpness and great transparency, allowing visibility from the front and back of the screen. Transparent LED screens have many advantages such as saving space, saving energy, creating aesthetic effects and attracting viewers' attention. However, to evaluate the quality of transparent LED screens, many different criteria must be considered. Let's find out with Luxmage in this article!

What is a Transparent led screen?


Transparent LED display is an advanced type of LED screen, designed like a transparent glass panel, allowing the screen to be seen from both the front and back, even when the screen is running. 


Transparent LED screens are very suitable for installation on glass walls or glass partitions in stores, shopping centers, offices or public buildings, etc. Can be used as a welcome screen, event screens, stage LED screens, or hospital direction signs, traffic signs.


Transparent LED is a new application to enhance advertising effectiveness for businesses. They are called transparent because they do not have a black background that obscures vision like regular LED screens. This creates a new level for businesses - a level of sophistication.


LUXMAGE's transparent LED screen brings a new experience with high transparency from 70-90%, clear images and diverse customization capabilities. With outstanding brightness of up to 7500 nits, this product ensures strong content display even in sunlight. Widely used in curtain wall construction, shopping malls, airports, banks, restaurants, retail stores, and many other spaces. LUXMAGE transparent LED screens are not only an excellent advertising tool but also attract the attention of the online community, making them stand out in today's digital space.

Applications of transparent LED screens

Transparent LED screen, with high transparency, thin and light screen, etc., For exhibitions, airports, advertising media, chain stores, large shopping malls, exhibition halls, museums, ..., to make interesting and variable product sales and advertising. Device support allows advertising creativity to tap directly into the actual product and can be applied anywhere there is a glass wall.


Large public buildings - Outdoor transparent LED screens:




In the external glass wall environment of large commercial buildings such as office buildings, exhibition centers, theaters, etc., the outdoor led display has high transmittance, does not affect building lighting , light weight, good wind resistance and easy to install. When lit, it can display a complete full-color display, and when not lit, it can create a transparency effect similar to invisibility, so it is increasingly popular in the field. building facades and glass decoration.


Large shopping malls - indoor transparent LED screens:


With the continuous improvement of modern living standards, the pursuit of personalization has become an important benchmark for people to express their unique personality; Only a storefront image full of personality can attract consumers to stop. Fixed installation indoor led display to replace traditional store indoor advertising walls, and video advertising to replace traditional print advertising, making the entire store cool and attractive attract consumers' attention.


Events, large stages - transparent LED screen rental:



Transparent LED screens can be installed indoors or outdoors, can be customized in size and shape as desired, have a diverse structural design, and have a transparent suspension system that creates a harmonious combination with the environment. space and the impressive effects of the dancers on stage, providing more creative choices.

Evaluate the quality of transparent LED screens

How to judge whether a transparent LED screen is good or bad? Some people believe that the quality of a cabinet can be roughly judged by its appearance. Is that true? Even if the appearance is different, the structural principle is still the same, such as circuit boards, lamp beads, wires, etc. How do we evaluate the pros and cons of transparent LED screens?

Compare brightness

Place the acrylic panel close to the same number of LED modules, then slowly raise it a small distance to see whether the brightness of the lamp beads meets your requirements. Of course, placing the module directly into the word will be more direct. The higher the brightness, the higher the lamp bead requirements, and the old version is relatively high. Purely indoor environments can use low brightness, but if it is a Window Transparent LED Screen or a Glass Wall Mounted LED Screen, a bright transparent LED screen is required.

Is the light of uniform lamp beads

While watching the brightness, pay attention to whether the light of the lamp beads is uniform or not. When observing white light, remember to pay attention to whether there is chromatic aberration (this is very important) - if you cover it with a thin sheet of white paper, it may not be observed, so use Use an acrylic sheet of a certain thickness. The presence or absence of chromatic aberration is the most important part to distinguish quality, and it is also one of the main reasons for the price difference of LED Transparent Screens.


Wire identification

High quality wire, UL certified. Transparent LED screen manufacturers are not necessarily trustworthy, so the most direct way is to peel off the outer shell and count the number of cores inside! Modules with 15,17,19 cores or even 20,30 mufti core wires should not be more than 14, 11 core modules are poor and vice versa.

Lamp bead temperature

After lighting for a while, touch the LED lamp beads with your hand, the temperature is very high and even hot, definitely not as stable as low temperature.

Weld quality

Full weld joints demonstrate good welding process, high brightness proves good solder used; More serious is incorrect welding, poor contact and troublesome follow-up maintenance.

Method for gluing transparent LED screen

Currently, there are two methods of producing transparent LED screens, one is positive light and the other is side light. Although the light emitted from the side has a relatively high transmittance, the packaging technology of the lamp beads needs to be tested by the market, and the positive-emitting lamp beads are the lamp beads of traditional LED displays. After testing in the market, the quality is very stable.

Things to pay attention to when maintaining transparent LED screens



1. Keep the power supply stable and protect the grounding well. Try not to use it in harsh natural environments (such as weather with strong thunder and lightning);
2. It is strictly forbidden to put water, iron powder and other conductive metal objects into the screen. Transparent LED screens should be placed in the least dusty environment possible. Large dust will affect the display effect, too much dust will damage the circuit;
3. For various reasons, please cut off the power immediately and contact maintenance personnel until the display panel on the screen is dry before use;
4. If there is dust on the surface, please separate it from the vacuum cleaner and air gun equipment (do not use rags, etc. to wipe directly, and do not use force to avoid the screen falling off);
5. For general maintenance, use a vacuum cleaner and air gun to remove dust. Do not wipe with a very hard or rough cloth or a dirty cloth to avoid damaging the product surface;
6. It is recommended that the LED screen have a rest time of more than 2 hours per day, and the LED screen should be used at least once a week during the rainy season. In general, turn on the screen at least once a month and illuminate the screen for more than 2 hours;
7. The LED display screen should be checked regularly for normal operation and whether the circuit is damaged. If it does not work, it must be replaced promptly; if damaged, the circuit must be repaired or replaced promptly;
8. Do not leave bright enough images such as all-yellow, all-red, and all-green for a long time during playback, to avoid excessive current, overheating of the power cord, damage to the LED, and influence to the lifespan of the screen. Do not disassemble or pair the screen arbitrarily;
9. If the internal circuit of the LED display is defective, prohibit unskilled persons from touching it to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuit; If there is a problem, ask a professional to repair it.

Installation and rental of LED screens at Luxmage

Luxmage is a company specializing in the research, development and production of transparent LED displays, providing customers with total transparent display solutions. Luxmage has many types of transparent LED screens suitable for many different needs and applications, such as invisible LED screens, indoor LED screens, glass wall LED screens, film LED screens, glass LED screens, etc. Luxmage also provides transparent LED screen rental with high quality, reasonable prices and professional technical support.


Installing a transparent LED screen at Luxmage is a quick, easy and safe process. Luxmage has a team of experienced, well-trained and professional engineers, technicians and installation staff. Luxmage uses high-quality equipment, tools and accessories, ensuring the precision, durability and stability of the transparent LED display. Luxmage also complies with regulations, standards and procedures for labor safety, environmental protection and explosion protection during installation.


Transparent LED screen rental at Luxmage is a convenient, flexible and effective service. Luxmage has many sizes, resolutions and transparency of transparent LED screens for customers to choose from, suitable for the purpose and budget of each event, exhibition, stage, etc. Luxmage also supports the design Design advertising videos, provide sound equipment, lighting, projectors, etc. Luxmage has a discount policy of up to 10% depending on time and area of use. Luxmage also has a warranty, maintenance and repair policy that is quick, timely and effective.


Contact Luxmage immediately to receive the most detailed advice!

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