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How to install automatic doors throughout

The series of automatic led doors throughout are the concern of many customers, when the rapid development of infrastructure makes many trade centers, businesses, shops ... no difference and Impressive to be noticed. Somehow, these locations are looking for ways to impress their customers. How did the transparent automatic led door see this?

Transparent LED automatic door series

This newly launched product line has a wide range of applications and it is not too difficult to install them. Before learning how to install automatic led doors throughout, if you have not been aware of the advantages, create, application of this product line, you should learn through the article: Automatic LED door throughout - award Traditional automatic door replacement.
In short, they work in a similar way to the conventional automatic door sensor principle. The difference and also the highlight is the ability to promote and the advantages attached.

Why is it necessary to install automatic doors with transparent LEDs without being an alternative product?

As mentioned above, tempered glass automatic doors have appeared a long time ago and they have no longer created focal points for customers. In other words, the former automatic door only has a protective function, which automatically opens and closes when there are people.
Developed based on this main function, however, automatic led doors are transparent - they contribute more to the role of a door. Here is the reason you should use this product?
Firstly, not only is it composed of sensors and toughened glass but also on transparent automatic led doors, it is also composed of led bars with fixed-rate but when seen from a distance, almost nothing is seen? Therefore, the appearance of the led does not affect the vision.
Second, take advantage of the front to promote the brand, attracting the attention of many people with videos, animated gifs, and image of grace. Transparent automatic led doors to allow you to be different than the rest of the same product range. And of course, your business center, business, ... will attract more visitors.
Third, stability, high quality. Different from the fragile and shimmering looks that seem to be weak, this set is stronger than imagined. By actual project items, thanks to high-quality components long-term use.
Usually, to display advertising products related to leds, it will take a long time to install. However, for this transparent LED automatic door, the installation time is fast, ensuring the progress of the project.
In addition, factors such as saving power, saving lighting costs when the power consumption of this type of led door is only 1/3 compared to normal. Only with the above advantages, it is enough to buy an automatic led door throughout the business promotion right?

How to install automatic led transparent doors?

Here are the usual steps to take when selecting a transparent LED automatic door installation.
Step 1: Survey of the location
This first step is quite important, the location surveyor needs to check and measure the location information as well as understand the purpose of installation. Then, propose reasonable installation options based on available location information.
Step 2: Execute according to the approved plan
After selecting the appropriate installation plan, start construction.
Step 3: Complete handover of finished products
After successful installation, you have the right product to make a difference! Support communication activities. Thanks to the automatic transparent led door, both attract many potential customers, exuding a luxurious look!
Do not hesitate but do not call immediately to have automatic led door throughout
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