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Impressed by the led screen that appeared during the event at The Hideout Bar

Organized by JIGSAW Communications, recently, the product launch event at Hideout Band Saigon has received the attention of many guests, especially not to mention the appearance of the LED screen. LUXMAGE ads.
Held in a bar in the heart of Saigon called The Hideout Bar, with a classic but luxurious design. Combined with that is a prestigious communication unit is JIGSAW Communications and publication of special led screen transparent advertising led screen.
About JIGSAW Communications
With the motto: Young, passionate, ambitious and creative, JIGSAW Communications has set a goal to leave a clear difference between countless agencies in Vietnam. By studying in detail and outstanding thinking, JIGSAW discovers everything that every brand is missing, then provides the most suitable things to achieve perfection. With effective campaigns over a short period of time, JIGSAW has established a solid position as a full-service media agency.

Works in a wide range of areas: research, market planning, PR, product research, creativity, digital, event planning. In it, many events were successfully organized and The Hideout Bar was one of them.
About led screen LUXMAGE ads
LUXMAGE is a professional provider of commercial display solutions. Especially the advertising screen, we always focus on transparent and dedicated screen technology to promote the development of the new Retail Media industry. Products are widely used in: large supermarkets, 4S shop glass windows, showrooms, galleries, stage, events, commercial centers, advertising on glass walls, ...
Not only that, the advertising screen also collaborated with famous Vietnamese brands such as: Model houses AnphaKing, CSED, OTOKE, Vincom ... help their brands become special.
Success comes from a combination!
With this combination has made a beautiful show, a successful event and connecting many people together. Also through the event, promotion effectiveness was also satisfied by participating units. The event attracted hundreds of people, many participants proved very satisfied with the quality of the show as well as the quality of service. Here are some reviews:
Mr.Hung: "I accidentally came to the bar right at the time of the event, this party is very lively, different from the usual atmosphere that I often visit. In particular, experience a rather unique product, right in front of the bar. Although it is known about the presence of this advertising screen product on the market, it has not been experienced firsthand. Now having the opportunity to experience, it is very beautiful indeed! ”

Ms.Nhung: "I was invited to come here to participate in this event, after the experience of the event, I was quite surprised because the event was so unique, the music space was also amazing!"
Mr.Hai: ”The party was very exciting, but the current space is too narrow. Unique stage design is also a plus. Overall, overall, I think the event has been successfully organized. ”
To have your own comments about products, it's best to experience them firsthand, like hundreds, thousands of people have done to better understand the advertising screen. Experience the range of transparent LED display products at:
Address: No.80 Street, Ward 9, Gò Vấp District, TP. Ho Chi Minh
Phone: 028-62959889 Hotline: 0988895066

Posted by: Admin - Date: 23-08-2019