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Install quick led displays at Gamuda Land

Message content, as well as brand promotion, is no longer strange. However, using a transparent LED screen, have you ever tried it? Gamuda land has tried and succeeded in impressing customers, in addition, enhancing the brand level.

Why does Gamuda land choose transparent led screen?

Gamuda land is the real estate development division of Gamuda Berhad Group - one of the leading real estate and infrastructure development corporations in Malaysia. The group was voted the Best Construction Management Company in Euromoney by the international financial magazine ...

The transparent led screen is made at Gamuda Land Model House (Branch: 199A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) is suitable for conditions and desires. There are many high-end project models, attracting much attention. Therefore, it is necessary to build a high-end brand image. Moreover, every apartment here is dedicated, with the beauty and breath of happy life.

Accompanying with that goal, the LED screen throughout supporting the model house exudes the inherent elegance. What few display products do. Therefore, transparent leds were quickly installed in this famous model house.

LED screen features throughout at Gamuda Land

Screen line: NR

Area: 4m2


Transparent LED screen at Gamuda Land

Installation location

Installed in front of the façade, the element of aesthetics cannot be ignored. By using transparent led screen, this prerequisite has been ensured. For transparent leds, displayed on glass walls and still ensure transparency up to 90% (with a view of 5m onwards). Because of that, the entrance to the office becomes a brand promotion place, it can't be any better.

Installation time

The time to complete the installation of the LED screen at Gamuda is no more than half a day with just one employee. The product itself is lightweight and easy for construction, thus ensuring the time to complete the product. Not only that, the wiring time does not take too much because the transparent LED wiring system is very simple, no need to connect.

Finishing products

With just a few simple steps, Gamuda Land has perfected the transparent LED display. Finished products are doors with colorful and vivid images designed with each stage, different time of year. This is much easier for businesses to transmit multiple messages at different times, without spending much money.

Only with careful selection and selection of quality products used for display and advertising, it is not difficult for the brand to become more qualified. LUXMAGE always supports businesses to find effective display solutions. Quickly contact the hotline to get advice immediately

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Posted by: Admin - Date: 06-11-2020