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Event LED screens are often used to optimize the viewing experience for attendees, making the show more engaging and interesting. Not only does it add excitement, style and theme to the event space, but it also helps convey important messages, information and details in a convenient way.

Event LED screens not only make shows more attractive, but are also an important part of many modern events, from concerts, trade events, to conferences and seminars. In addition, they can also be applied in educational institutions, from schools to universities, as well as at museums, cultural and heritage events. Let's find out more with Luxmage in this article!

Characteristics of Event LED Screen


Event LED screens have specific characteristics that make them suitable for the special requirements of events, from conferences and exhibitions to entertainment performances. Below are the main characteristics of event LED screens:


  • Size and Flexibility: Event LED screens are often made up of multiple cabinets combined to create a large display area. These cabinets come in diverse sizes such as 500 mm × 500 mm and 1000 mm × 500 mm. Event LED screens have the ability to flexibly customize sizes to suit the space and requirements of the specific event. This allows for variety in creating unique display experiences.
  • High Brightness: With the ability to provide high brightness, event LED screens not only ensure clarity in bright ambient lighting conditions, but also highlight content on events and stages and create accents. impression.
  • High Resolution, Sharp Display: Event LED screens often have high resolution, which increases the detail and sharpness of images and videos. This is important for displaying high-quality content during important events. Events often require sharpness and accuracy in color display. Event LED displays provide a wide and accurate color gamut to reproduce every color vividly.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: With the ability to have a wide viewing angle, event LED screens help every audience, in every position in the space, to experience the image fully and clearly.
  • Interactive Features: Some event LED screens are integrated with interactive technology, creating an enjoyable experience for viewers. It may include touch and multi-touch capabilities to participate in the event.
  • Thin, Light and Compact Design: Cabinets need to be light, thin and compact for convenient installation and dismantling. At the same time, they also need to be sturdy and durable to maintain display quality and connection accuracy. The thin and light design makes the event LED screen easy to install and move between different events without causing too much inconvenience to the organizing process.
  • Diverse Connection Capabilities: Event LED screens often have many connection ports, supporting many different input sources, from computers, cameras to other presentation devices, creating convenience in the integration process.
  • Flexible Control System: For high reliability, the signal transmission system and content source typically have dual redundancy, and the front maintenance structure is designed to be quick and convenient. The control system of event LED screens is often designed to simplify the process of quickly adjusting lighting effects and content according to the specific requirements of the event.
  • Convenient Maintenance and Technical Support: Event LED displays typically feature convenient maintenance and are supported by a professional technical team, ensuring that any problems can be resolved quickly and effectively. fruit.


Event LED screen size

The size of event LED screens can vary flexibly, which reflects flexibility and diversity to meet the needs of specific events or products. Here are some examples of common sizes of transparent event LED screens:

  • LED Module Size: Transparent LED screens are usually made up of individual LED modules. The standard size of the module can be 1000mm x 500mm or 1000mm x 1000mm. However, there is variation in module size depending on the manufacturer.
  • Total Size: The total size of the transparent LED screen depends on the combination of the number and configuration of LED modules. Displays can be small enough for applications such as glass shops or can be expanded to large sizes, even the size of a building.
  • Custom Size: Besides standard sizes, transparent LED screens also have the ability to be customized according to specific project requirements. This allows the creation of LED screens of unique sizes and shapes, tailored to the specific architecture or requirements of the event.



The specific size of a transparent LED display will depend on the intended use, installation environment, and budget of the specific project. Thereby, choosing the appropriate size not only ensures optimal performance but also flexibly adapts to the actual needs of the event or product.

Note when choosing event LED screens

When choosing an LED screen for an event, keep in mind the following important points:

Brightness and Image Quality

  • Brightness: Determine the required brightness level relative to the event environment. For outdoor events, especially in the evening, the brighter the brightness, the better for clear images.
  • Image Quality: Choose an LED screen with high resolution to ensure good image details. Test color reproduction and contrast to ensure realistic and vivid images.

Size and Compatibility

Determine the screen size based on the distance between the stands and the screen. This helps ensure everyone in the crowd gets the best viewing experience.
Make sure the display is compatible with different input sources, such as computers, cameras, or presentation devices for easy integration during event production.

Resolution and Viewing Angle

  • Resolution: Choose a high-resolution screen to display detailed images and videos, especially important when there is a need to present high-quality content.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: The screen should have a wide viewing angle to ensure everyone in the audience can see the image without distortion.

Ability to Adjust Brightness and Color


Choose a screen that has the ability to adjust brightness and color to adapt to different lighting conditions. This is important when the event takes place in a place where the ambient light changes.

Cooling and Waterproof System

  • Cooling: For events taking place in hot weather, choose a screen with an effective cooling system to prevent overheating and ensure stable operation.
  • Water Resistant: If the event is likely to be rainy or humid, choose a waterproof LED screen to protect equipment and ensure stability in all weather conditions.

Note: A perfect event LED screen needs to simultaneously meet the above factors to bring the best viewing experience to the audience and ensure stable performance throughout the event.


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Event LED screen installation process

The popularity of event LED screens today brings many advantages to many different fields. However, the process of constructing and installing event LED screens sometimes raises many challenges and questions. How to install LED screens according to standards, techniques, and save costs? Below is a detailed guide when installing event LED screens:



Before Installation

  • Survey: Determine location, construction site, and screen size.
  • Design drawings: Create drawings of screen frames, power diagrams, and control card diagrams.

Construction Planning

  • Construction plan: Prepare construction scenario based on technical design.
  • Prepare goods: LED module, receiver card, 5V power supply, processor, power cord, network cable, and other supplies.
  • Installation tools: Drill, cutter, welder, laser machine, depending on size and installation location.

Proceed with Installation

  • Weld the frame according to the drawing: Weld the screen frame to avoid the module's legs being hit.
  • Build the screen frame: Avoid the frame being distorted and affecting the display surface.
  • Connect the device: Attach the receiver and power card to the screen frame according to the diagram.

Setup and Calibration

  • Parameter configuration: Set up configuration and color calibration for the LED screen system.
  • Install the magnet and install the module: Attach the magnet and install the LED module in the direction and position set up.


  • Screen frame border: Install a screen frame border to increase aesthetics.
  • Install the cooling system and clean the premises.

After Installation

  • Test run: Check the system operates stably and test run for 8 to 24 hours.
  • Safety check: Check safety, information security, and backup system configuration.
  • Connect to the control center: Provide consulting solutions and connect to the control center.

With professional support from Luxmage, the LED screen installation process will go smoothly and ensure quality. Please contact us for further information and technical advice.

LED event screen rental

To meet customer needs, Luxmage also has LED screen for rental service . Preparing a suitable budget is key. If you are looking for detailed and useful information about renting a transparent LED screen, you can refer to the Things to keep in mind when renting a transparent LED screen page. This is a useful resource to help you choose the right display for your event, conference, or exhibition.



Offers from Luxmage

  • Support for slideshow video design: If your business doesn't have a slideshow video yet, Luxmage will support you in the design process.
  • Professional technical team: Luxmage provides a professional technical team to support and advise on installation, ensuring the best performance for LED screens.
  • Special discount: Receive a discount from 10%, depending on rental time and screen area. This is a special offer that helps reduce screen rental costs.
  • Installation consultation: Luxmage staff will advise and select the most suitable screen type for each business project, ensuring it fully meets the customer's requirements and desires.

With Luxmage, you will not only get a quality LED screen rental service but also receive comprehensive support from design to installation, ensuring the success of all your events. If you need to order or need advice, please contact us via the following information:


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