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Is mesh LED screen suitable for outdoor advertising screen?

Over the past decade, from "simple striped LED structure" to "highly integrated cabinet frame", outdoor LED screen technology has developed rapidly. Its application scenarios are still expanding.

So is this screen suitable for outdoor advertising screen?
Mesh screen since its launch, solve many problems of ordinary screen, such as weather, building height, power consumption, etc., we cite a few cases for reference, refer to the following.

Is mesh LED screen suitable for outdoor advertising screen

Waterfront landscape beauty net LED display
Is mesh LED screen suitable for outdoor advertising screen

Good water resistance makes mesh LED screen the first choice for advertising/communication on board
Is mesh LED screen suitable for outdoor advertising screen

Mesh LED screens are light weight and easy to install in overhead projects


Because of the hollow box design, the grid outdoor LED display has many features such as no light blocking, bright colors, realistic picture quality and perfect performance, making it ideal for outdoor installation, especially for large area advertising screens.

Lightweight, transparent and easy to install, the grille LED display gives customers peace of mind.

For this screen, we can completely use a simple mounting frame to meet the requirements of easy and fast installation.

Eliminating the complex heavy steel structure can greatly save material cost and labor cost.
It adopts ultra-light design, weighing only 60% - 80% lighter than traditional cabinets.
High waterproof, IP67 grade, strong wind resistance, safe and stable.
It can make full use of air convection to effectively dissipate heat without installing additional air conditioners.
Support front and rear installation, more convenient maintenance.
Beneficial to the indoor lighting of buildings, can be installed directly on transparent windows.

Gorgeous picture quality and vivid picture

The display effect is also very good, and some technical indicators even surpass the traditional outdoor advertising screen.
By using high quality DIP RGB lamp with gold line big chip and mature driving technology, high brightness can be achieved, and the image is still clear even under the hot sun in the daytime.
High refresh rate makes the animation super smooth.
The 16-bit high gray scale makes the color performance more vivid and delicate, providing a super-sensitive display effect.

The LED screen grille is durable and has low power consumption, significantly saving operating costs

In terms of material, the high-strength box-shaped aluminum frame is very strong and reliable.
In addition, it is equipped with aluminum power box, waterproof adhesive strip, high-grade silicone cable and aviation-grade plug.
All of these help it achieve a high protection level of IP67.
At the same time, the LED grille screen can work in the range of -40℃ to +50℃, suitable for all-weather environment.
The most remarkable thing is still the energy-saving effect, with an average power consumption as low as 77W/㎡.
In addition, it guarantees high quality, giving you more peace of mind when using it.

Mesh LED screen has the advantages of transparency, weight and energy saving, so is it suitable for outdoor advertising screen?


Is mesh LED screen suitable for outdoor advertising screen

High intensity mesh LED screen, suitable for installation outside buildings

Luxmage has now developed a new generation of outdoor grille screens better suited to the growing needs of our customers. It redefines the customer experience and maximizes the value of commercial displays.
Mesh LED displays fit perfectly on building facades, streets, prestigious buildings, stadiums and other outdoor advertising scenarios. For more product information, please contact.

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