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Led screen rental in Ho Chi Minh City

When renting LED screens for high-end events in Ho Chi Minh City, where should you choose to rent from and which company can provide the latest and high-tech screens? For events that require high aesthetics such as cars, jewelry, technology, etc., what type of screens should be rented? Let's find out with us right away.

1. Why should you rent LED screens in Ho Chi Minh City from Luxmage?

The latest LED screens for rent are transparent, slim, lightweight, and easy to install without requiring any cooling systems. They are mainly used as advertising screens in stores, shopping centers, and large buildings. You will experience the best products at unbeatable prices.

Learn more about the product: What is a transparent LED screen?

Experienced in serving various events and large clients

Since its establishment and development, Luxmage has served many different customers such as Trung Nguyen Legend, Coats Phong Phu, Vincom, Gamuda Land, Mumuso, etc. We hope to bring you the most professional experiences.

2. Information needed to advise on renting LED screens in Ho Chi Minh City:


- Purpose of use: exhibition, advertising, product launch, stage, etc.
- Location of use: indoors, outdoors, hotels, conference halls,...
- Size, shape: width x length, one-sided or two-sided, etc.
- Video: purpose of video: advertising, creating atmosphere, etc.


Best event LED screen rental service in Ho Chi Minh City

Identifying the purpose of the event will help you choose the right type of LED screen you need


3. Classification of LED screens for rent:


There are many different purposes for renting LED screens in Ho Chi Minh City, such as exhibition LED screens, event LED screens, conference LED screens, advertising LED screens, and stage LED screens. However, we divide them into two types so that customers can better understand before deciding to use the service at any company.

Indoor LED screens for rent: Indoor LED screens usually require a smaller pixel brightness due to the close viewing distance, with a brightness level usually ranging from 2500-3900 nits. In addition, the protection level must be IP54.


Outdoor LED screens for rent: Outdoor LED screens typically require stronger protection due to the installation environment which can face many challenges and changes such as rain, humidity, wind, dust, high temperatures, etc. so the protection level must be at least IP65. In addition, the brightness should be higher because the surrounding sunlight can be brighter and may cause reflection on the screen, leading to unclear images for viewers. Normal brightness for outdoor LED screens is from 5500-6000 nits.

4. How can Luxmage LED screen rentals help you?

4.1 From a branding perspective:

(1) Encourage audience interaction, creating a better impression for your products and services.

(2) Advertise your products in various forms including images, videos, interactive games, etc., to promote your brand and generate more profit.


4.2. From an aesthetic perspective:

Luxmage's transparent LED screen rental products have high transparency and do not obstruct light, providing excellent display effects. When installed, the small steel frame structure can be easily combined with the wall, without affecting the original structure, and can improve the overall aesthetics of the display.


Best event LED screen rental service in Ho Chi Minh City


4.3. From a technical perspective:


(1) High contrast and display capabilities:

High contrast is often due to higher brightness, resulting in clearer and more vivid images, and can provide higher display capabilities in many cases, such as when the screen is placed under direct sunlight. This also makes Luxmage's LED screen rental products superior in display capability and color contrast.


(2) High brightness:

Luxmage's LED screen rentals can reach 5000-5500 nits, making them suitable for most corporate events. In addition, the brightness can be adjusted, which is beneficial for everyone's visual health.


(3) Customizable size and aspect ratio:

You can customize the size and aspect ratio of the LED screen because they are made up of individual LED screen modules that can create large video walls, which may not be possible with TVs and projectors in general.


(4) High protection capabilities:

For indoor LED screen rentals, the protection level can reach IP54, and for outdoor rentals, it can be up to IP65. This high protection capability effectively prevents natural elements such as dust and moisture, which can extend the life and avoid unnecessary deterioration of display effects.

5. What factors affect the price of LED screen rental?

This may be one of the most important factors that most customers are concerned about - price. Here we will clarify some important factors that affect the cost of LED screen rental service in Saigon.


Best event LED screen rental service in Ho Chi Minh City

Pixel pitch will affect the price of the LED screen


(1) Pixel pitch

As you may know, a smaller pixel size usually means a higher price and higher resolution. Although a smaller pixel pitch shows a clearer image, choosing the best pixel value according to the actual viewing distance can be a cost-effective way.

For example: If your target audience is mostly 20m away from the screen, choosing a P1.25mm LED screen may be a good choice as insurance fees are not necessary. Just consult with suppliers and they are likely to provide reasonable proposals for you.

(2) Indoor or outdoor use

Outdoor LED screens often have a price difference from indoor LED screens because the requirements for outdoor screens are higher, such as better protection and higher brightness.

(3) Labor costs

If installation is complex and the number of LED modules you need to install is large or the time is long, all of these will lead to higher labor costs.

(4) Service time

When the rental screen is outside the warehouse, the charging process begins. This means that the cost will be calculated based on the amount of time needed to install the screen, set up equipment, and remove it after the event ends.

6. How to rent LED screens with the most cost-saving?

How to negotiate the best price for your rental LED screen projects? After understanding the price-determining factors, we will provide you with some other tips for getting the most cost-saving LED screens for rent.


(1) Determine the correct pixel pitch

The smaller the pixel size, the higher the price. For example, the rental fee for P2.5 LED screen may be much higher than P3.91 LED screen. Therefore, spending money to pursue the lowest pixel pitch may not be necessary.


The optimal viewing distance is usually 2-3 times the pixel pitch in meters. If your audience is 60 feet away from the screen, they may not be able to tell the difference between two pixel pitches. For example, the appropriate viewing distance for a 3.91mm LED screen will be 8-12 feet.


Best event LED screen rental service in Ho Chi Minh City

Determine the optimal pixel pitch based on the viewing distance for your event


(2) Shorten the total time of your rental LED screen project.


For rental LED screen projects in Ho Chi Minh City, time is money. First, you can arrange staging, lighting, and sound, and then introduce the screen to the website.

Moreover, do not forget that transportation, delivery, and installation will take some time. That is why the user-friendly design of LED screens is quite important, as it will save a lot of time and energy, and they often have pre- and post-services available. Try to arrange a reasonable process to help you save more budget!


(3) Always book in advance, especially during peak times.


No preparation is ever redundant, so book in advance to ensure the best selection for your event and avoid unnecessary additional fees.

Finally, make sure the company you choose has experienced staff to repair and replace, which means minimizing the risk of any emergencies in your events.


7. Where should I rent high-end LED screens in HCM city?

When renting high-end LED screens such as transparent LED screens, the most important thing to consider is the technical aspect. Currently, there are not many professional companies in Vietnam that specialize in this field.

8. What services are included in LED screen rental in HCM city?

  • The screen is in good condition, has been inspected and meets all technical requirements including the power supply, box, and power cord.
  • Control system: The main function is to transmit and receive video image signals and control data.
  • Installation: steel structure of the screen and production, cable laying, installation and troubleshooting of the transparent screen.
  • Optional equipment: computer, power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier, video processor, etc.


Best event LED screen rental service in Ho Chi Minh City


9. What is the process when a customer wants to rent LED screens?

  • Receive the customer's request via hotline, Zalo, email, etc. along with basic information such as screen size, event location, intended use, etc.
  • Our technicians will come to the site to survey and propose the most suitable installation plan based on the customer's requirements.
  • After agreeing on the plan and cost, both parties will sign a contract to ensure the rights and benefits of each party.
  • Proceed with installation and testing to ensure stable operation and technical issues are addressed, and no errors occur.

10. Notes when renting and installing LED screens in Ho Chi Minh City


The installation of the LED screen rental in Ho Chi Minh City must be easy and quick because the screen needs to be removed immediately after the event ends. Typically, there will be professional technicians who specialize in installation and daily maintenance for you.


When installing the screen, please note some aspects including:


(1) Move the cabinet carefully to avoid hitting the edge, which can cause LED bulb failure, etc.

(2) Do not install the LED cabinet while it is powered on.

(3) Before turning on the LED screen power, check the LED modules with a multimeter to rule out any issues.


In general, there are several common installation methods including hanging and stacking methods, etc.

The hanging method means that the screen will be mounted on a high gantry system, ceiling grid, truss, or other high support structure. The stacking method means that the entire weight of the screen will be placed on the ground. The screen will be balanced in multiple positions to make it stand stable and firm.


11. Realized led screen rental projects:


Renting LED screens in Ho Chi Minh City


Realized led screen rental projects

Double-sided LED screen at Coast Phong Phu event


Realized led screen rental projects

LED screen serving product launch events


Realized led screen rental projects

LED screen rental project in Tra Vinh


Realized led screen rental projects

Trung Nguyen's stage LED screen in Buon Me Thuot


Luxmage also serves customers in Hai Phong, Da Nang, Can Tho as well as nationwide.

12. Benefits when renting LED screens at Luxmage:

To support businesses in their communication activities, businesses contacting us will receive the following benefits:

- Support for advertising video design

- Professional technical installation support

- Discounts from 10-50% depending on the time and area of use

- Consultation on installing the most suitable product for each project.

- Our products are easy to install and manage, while attracting audiences and enhancing the quality of your events.


Your satisfaction is always our top priority at Luxmage. Contact us to rent LED screens in Ho Chi Minh City.


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