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LED transparent screen is developing rapidly and gradually occupying a key position in real estate communication

With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, the pursuit of survival and development has become a top priority for many transparent LED display companies to meet the needs of end-consumer customers. At the same time, creating different products for customers in different fields has become a breakthrough for many manufacturers.

With the rise in housing prices, the real estate industry is gradually moving towards high-end, and the exquisite, creative and stunning style of real estate advertising around the world has become the facade of many real estate properties.


real estate transparent led screen

Gamuada Land's real estate advertisement in front of a busy street

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Therefore, both investors and agents are sparing no effort to invest in real estate advertising. The use of transparent LED screens is becoming more and more widespread in expanding communication with customers about real estate. Due to its self-illumination and brightness, the outdoor transparent LED display is bright enough to meet the needs of long-distance viewing under strong sunlight. Its excellent color performance also adds color to outdoor property information release. Its animated publicity effect is far better than the traditional static print advertisement.

More than that, in fact, in order to meet the diversified use needs of outdoor applications, LED transparent screen manufacturers have also made corresponding adjustments in technology. For example, highly waterproof products are suitable for use in rainy places, ventilated transparent screens are suitable for use in windy places, and small screens are suitable for close outdoor viewing.
The current price of transparent LED screens in the market is not low, but the value it brings to investors and property owners is also great.
For example, in the process of property sales, investors can use outdoor LED screens for property promotion and timely disclosure of pre-sale information, prices and other information in the property, shouldering a heavy responsibility in the property. Real estate sales and purchases. After the owner moves in, it can be used for community surrounding business information screen to create new advertising value for the owner.


real estate transparent led screen

LED transparent screen plays an effective role in property communication


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As we all know, the LED transparent screen market in China is still open and most of the products are imported from abroad, which makes it difficult for real estate companies to acquire products for transportation. Therefore, Luxmage is positioned to produce transparent LED images in Vietnam with relative urgency.

The outstanding display effect of outdoor transparent LED display provides a new means of promotion for real estate developers to help real estate sales and become a key player in promoting the real estate industry. In recent years, outdoor advertising in the real estate industry has been maintaining a steady growth rate, which has also created opportunities for the outdoor transparent LED display industry. Therefore, as the market matures and competition intensifies, the rejection rate of small businesses has increased. Especially with the current escalating market demand and increasing product requirements, the convergence is and will continue to happen in the future.


real estate transparent led screen


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