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New generation of advertising LED screens - More stunning, more unique

As we enter the new decade, great strides have been made in the field of LED advertising displays, and unique immersive advertising experiences are becoming increasingly popular. In an environment filled with advertising messages like today's, it is essential to attract and hold attention with advertising LED screens.

The trend of integrating advertising screens with architecture is becoming increasingly popular, with aesthetic factors being at the forefront of consumers' minds. However, screens with transparent designs have unexpectedly encountered this factor.

advertising LED screens

Advertising LED screens with transparent designs are becoming increasingly popular in urban centers around the world. Acceptance is positive, demand is growing, and the growth of this remarkable new technology shows no signs of slowing down.

What is Luxmage LED advertising screen?

Luxmage LED advertising screen is a transparent LED screen with all the same features as a regular LED screen for advertising display.

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It is a new generation of electronic advertising media that displays your video-based advertising content in high definition. The screen is custom designed to combine many modules together for many building facades. Excellent setups can be created for many types of digital images, from static ads to websites and streaming media. This advertising screen is technical and aesthetically pleasing, with amazing utility and versatility.

It can be used to create multimedia ads on any type of surface. The LED display-based monitor offers precise control and interaction as ad content can be streamed to the ad unit using cloud-based content management systems (CMS) and wireless Internet technology.

Where can Luxmage advertising LED screens be used?

Our advertising LED displays are known for their high light transmission, light weight, wind resistance, and ease of installation. More and more fields are using this screen. Some common application scenarios of transparent advertising LED display.

1. Event, exhibition application

Modular size combination into any size shape, flexible structure design, transparent structure suspension system, easy to integrate into the event space, excellent display makes the space very creative and impressive.

advertising LED screens

LUXMAGE advertising LED screen at the Porsche Macan launch event

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2. Public large space applications

Other commercial grids in the indoor environment of large buildings and commercial spaces such as office buildings, convention centers, airports, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, hotels, theaters and network complexes ideally preserve the visual depth of the space while allowing interesting multimedia effects. More layers of visualization and impact on large shopping centers and chain store applications.

3. The application of engineering vehicles

The application of large building glass curtain wall, does not affect the user lighting, with high-definition dazzling, three-dimensional effect display and intelligent interactive features, without affecting the appearance of the building itself, completely achieve a more harmonious display effect.

advertising LED screens

4.Application of glass windows

Transparent LED display is an innovation of the traditional LED display, the screen body consists of light bars, presenting a complete full-color display when lit, and presenting a transparent effect similar to invisibility when extinguished.

advertising LED screens

5. Application in building and architecture

It blends perfectly with the glass wall of the building and does not change the appearance of the building at all. It hardly affects the transparency and light transmission of the glass wall during the day, and the brilliant and colorful paintings make the city more romantic when night falls.

advertising LED screens

...and more. The only limit to the use of this LED display technology is the imagination. Now it's even possible to personalize content to view individual target activities.


Luxmage - is proud to be a leader in this new advertising technology. We do not offer individual products, we design the most suitable and specific solution for each customer's different requirements.

We support site survey, overall consultation and provide the most suitable solution.

Support design content, advertising pictures

A team of experienced and skilled technicians

Warranty model during the event

Discount according to project size

We will provide you with more detailed information about this new advertising LED display by contacting Luxmage at:

Vy Luc Technology Limited - LUXMAGE
Address: 80, Street 9, Ward 9, Go Vap District, City. Ho Chi Minh City
Hotline: 0988.895.066


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