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Opening the era of small pixel transparent LED display

Traditional small pixel LED display generally refers to the indoor LED display with point spacing less than 2.5mm, mainly P2.5, P2.0, P1.9, P1.6, P1.2 and other types. In the LED display industry, with the increasing maturity and wide application of small screen products, Mini LED (small LED) and MicroLED (microLED) displays have become the latest generation of displays as an upgrade of small screen technology. The technology is rapidly evolving.

small pixel transparent LED display


Transparent LED displays cannot move quickly to the small pitch level due to inconsistent dot pitch and transparency. The inconsistency of distance and transparency has been a pressing problem in the transparent display industry. In the existing technical means, the smaller the dot step distance, the lower the transparency of the screen. Popular solutions include replacing it with transparent base, thin bezel or even bezel-less design.

small pixel transparent LED display


We adhere to the development strategy of technology leadership, integrating new materials, innovative processes and new technologies, while taking the lead in the transparent display industry to achieve mass production of large size transparent screen products, small 2.0mm. a major breakthrough has been made.

small pixel transparent LED display


Due to the inconsistency between dot pitch and transparency, transparent screen can not quickly enter the small pitch level. The inconsistency between distance and transparency has been a pressing problem in the transparent display industry.

Self-developed small size transparent LED display products have high contrast ratio, ultra-wide viewing angle, and highest brightness display. The simplified integration in structure and the choice of multi-scene integrated mounting structure make this small pixel product more suitable for other high-end professional applications. In terms of production, our small transparent LED light combined with the original chip technology to achieve mass production of small size products, greatly improving the production efficiency and reliability of the product.

The general calculation method for transparency of transparent sheet in the industry is: (distance between transparent sheet gaps - distance between transparent sheet and light particles obstructing the line of sight) / hollow distance of light bar. To solve the contradiction of small gaps and transparency, our technology uses the original 3D holographic linear patch technology to better solve the serious indoor light pollution problem caused by particles blocking the lamp and light leakage from the lamp beads. And the small transparent screen of 2.0mm still maintains a high light transmission rate of 68%.

small pixel transparent LED display


At present, our small pixel transparent LED products have been gradually used in various fields in the world, such as a large shopping center in Spain, the flagship store of a premium audio brand in Europe, the flagship store of a-Australia's first car Brand.

In the era of ever-changing technology, we are based on manufacturing, creating valuable and innovative quality products, constantly establishing a market-leading competitive advantage, and creating higher added value by providing quality products to our customers through innovation.

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Posted by: Admin - Date: 18-06-2022