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Owning led glass with how much?

Led glass is a product worth considering for those who need to have a super product to promote the brand. Getting interested in these products is concerned with many issues like application, how effective are they? In particular, what many users care about is the price of these products like?

Talk about led glass

Before it comes to price, users often care a few things about led glasses. Such as characteristics like, how to apply, something outstanding, ... This is also one of the things affecting the price. So let's find out the general characteristics of this glass wall display!

Features of led glass

Modern buildings with many special structures, and especially more commonly used on glass walls - an ideal space for current promotion. To show what good "led glasses" need?

- Stick with many LED bulbs distributed thick or thin depending on the resolution suitable for screen type

- Lightweight aluminum frame to fix module to standard size

- Simple conductors located in aluminum frames without exposing them cause loss of aesthetic

- External parts: to control the LED effect as well as the appropriate parameters, the product also has a control box, receiving a card, CAT5 cable, DVI cable, Plexiglass cover, ...

All of them make a LED screen with a compact, seemingly transparent size with appropriate distance. Make sure not only the LEDs are displayed well, but also high aesthetic effect. Saying that, the advantages of led screens cannot be ignored

Advantages of led glass

To make it easier to visualize what the LED screen has to offer. You should consult a few projects in advance, the application of the led screen has been successfully shown. This also partly shows the advantage value of the current led screen. In summary, the advantages of the led screen are summarized as follows:

Effect of transparent glass led in slide show
  • High transparency, if viewed from a distance of 5m, it is almost impossible to see the existence of a transparent screen, they are just like a glass wall that can display images. Particularly, this point has shown the beautiful effect that transparent LEDs can bring to users.
  • If the LED screen is normally very afraid of sunlight due to the parameter of the light from the LED is not comparable to the intensity of the sunlight shining on the situation, the LED is dark and not visible. In other words, only the darkest position of a normal led screen has good visibility, then the transparent led glass is the exact opposite. The glass LED brightness is fully controllable so that the LED screen is still visible from the outside.
  • Designed with standard size, proper pixel resolution can be assembled together into a screen with various sizes and shapes. Therefore it is possible to create the desired image, according to certain terrain.
  • Compact structure, including integrated power in the product. Transparent led screen with perfect flatness and a lightweight (12kg / m2) is only half that of a normal led screen
  • The intelligent control system quickly changes the content of the presentation without the need for a cable connection.

Price of led glass on the market today?

Led glasses are priced by many factors, so making a specific price list is quite difficult. Depending on the resolution, the distance and brightness of each type will vary. In the led glass, the distance between the LEDs shows the resolution. Specifically: the closer the distance between the LEDs, the more LED bulbs need, the clearer the image. The longer the distance between the LEDs, the less the number of led bulbs, the lower the image quality.

In addition, depending on the location you want to install, the purpose is to use a transparent led screen that has many different options. Of course, the type of transparent LED display will cost not cheap to match what they bring. For LED displays often the products of poor quality transparent with low price. After using for a period of time, warranty and repair costs for advertising losses will make you think. A professional product will not cause you any quality problems.

LUXMAGE is proud to be the branch of the LED inventor throughout Nexnovo, with a full range of inventions and patents for quality transparent LED products.

Posted by: Admin - Date: 06-11-2020