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Quotations of transparent led screen cheapest today

Not too surprised by the interest of many technology believers with transparent led screens. Currently, transparent leds have been known by many units for outstanding advantages in structure as well as practical benefits when used. So how much does own transparent led screen cost? Find out this information through the cheapest transparent led screen quotes available today.

What are the advantages of the led screen?

Transparent LEDs are now used in most major brands not only in the country but also in the world. This choice, of course, has its reasons, transparent LEDs - currently the latest, most modern technology LEDs, overcoming many disadvantages that LEDs often cannot do. So what are the advantages, how to influence the price of the transparent led screen?
- Led transparent is a new technology, a new trend dedicated to the promotion of glass walls and lighting with:
- High transparency (> 80%), no obstructions, no blocking, bring high efficiency in promoting and introducing products.
- Star brightness (5500-6000 units), high visibility even in the sun, smart brightness adjustment depending on the time of day.
- Attract ads: video ads, help identify brand content, save costs, attract attention.
- Light weight (12kg / m2), the thickness of only 10mm, saves space, easy and quick installation, flexible movement.

- Modular structure, suitable for many different ways of installation, terrain, location.
- The power supply is an integrated, solid aluminum frame, ensuring aesthetics.
- Easy maintenance, only need to replace broken LEDs without replacing the whole module.
- Saving labor cost, installation time, power consumption is only 1/3 of normal LED.
- Combining slideshows between images and sound, creating a unique style of festival events.

How is transparent led differently from normal led?

To better understand why transparent LEDs are the latest, most modern and high-tech products used by many large brands. Let's analyze the basic characteristics of transparent LEDs, which are often not possible with LEDs:
Harmonizing with the inherent architecture of the building
Typically the common architecture of modern buildings is the glass wall architecture, expressing sophistication, and exuding elegance. If using regular LEDs with many black blocks, complex and dangerous installation to promote will affect the harmony of the existing architecture. That is why very few brand buildings use glass walls to advertise with regular LEDs.
For transparent LEDs, by contrast, only the firsthand can see how their technology is. Photos, information, promotional videos are all clearly shown but not unlike a real building glass.

The visibility of transparent leds makes LEDs often incomparable.
This is also a factor that affects the price of transparent led screens. Leds in particular or LCD screens in general are darkened if displayed in the sun and become bright in low light conditions, while transparent LEDs can still display brilliantly. And thanks to the intelligent display light control system, they can adjust the display light themselves according to the environment light.

Quotation of the cheapest led screen today?

Currently, the criteria for determining the price of transparent led screens are rather vague as they depend on many factors. In other words, the price of the transparent led screen is customizable. When pricing, consider other factors such as resolution, distance, and brightness.
Usually, a transparent led module has thousands of LEDs (about 16,000 for the P3 series). How much does the distance between the LEDs show their price? The smaller the distance between the LEDs, the more the number of led balls, the clearer the image displayed, the better. On the contrary, the higher the gap, the cheaper the corresponding price.

Of course, the type of transparent led screen will not be cheap to correspond to what they bring. For led screen often or low quality transparent led products with low price. After using a period of warranty costs, repairing advertising losses will make you think. A professional product will not put you in a lot of quality trouble.
Currently, there are not many transparent Led manufacturers, only a few units perform production and directly distribute products on the market. The rest of other businesses that claim to have factories, actually just get goods from other manufacturers. So in the process of choosing quality transparent led screens should choose reputable manufacturers, have verified evidence, as well as experience firsthand the product.

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