Nowadays, the building architecture with transparent glass wall is becoming more and more popular. This is the time when the transparent led screen shows their advantages. If you are a professional advertiser who has ever learned about this product line, it is undeniable that their transparency, illumination and aesthetic effectiveness. Finally, the price of a transparent led screen is of interest if you want to have an optimal solution for glass wall display.

What benefits does a transparent led screen bring?

Aesthetic benefits

Speaking of the benefits that the transparent led screen brings, first of all, the aesthetic effect. Currently, the popular architecture of the buildings is the glass wall design, with a see-through space, both for display and creating a sense of large space for the viewer.

Making use of this facade space to promote is a problem solved. Only with the transparent led screen product, the glass wall still retains its value that can be seen through and used to promote the product.

Benefits in terms of installation time

Transparent Led has lightweight, ea ch module (1m2) is only 12kg, the wiring system is integrated. Meanwhile, the traditional LED weight is up to 35kg / m2, 3 times heavier than transparent leds. Therefore, the time to install an led screen usually takes longer than the transparent led screen.

Transparent LED has advantages over traditional led display in product weight

Not only that, when installing the traditional led screen, it takes a lot of time to wire the signal, power cord, and many other wires ... if installed not carefully, it takes a long time to repair, because the system the conductor is too complicated to detect if there is an error in the operation.

Brand promotion benefits

It is important for many people to rush to ask for quotes of transparent led screens because of their promotional effectiveness. Branding is where it is most easily seen, conveying content in a way that is easy to remember. The positions used to place the transparent leds are mostly building fronts, glass fronts, where there are conspicuous locations, with good crowd effects. Therefore, when the brand is placed in these positions, it will attract more engagement, better remembering.

Benefits in terms of advertising costs

Try a simple comparison, if hiring an ad in an outdoor location with an led screen, it can cost 1.8 - 6 billion VND a year. While it is possible to take advantage of the available space of the building, spend one-time costs to design diverse and effective advertising content. The use time is much longer than the outdoor LED rental.

How much is the quote for the transparent led screen?

Possessing many advantages to become a leading smart display solution, transparent led is increasingly used in the market. In particular, the quotation of transparent led screen is the most popular concern. The price of transparent led screen is calculated by unit m2, but there is no specific standard for the price. Depending on the quality, distance, and resolution, different prices vary.

For monitors viewed at a long distance, a large resolution monitor is required. In contrast, for the close viewing range, the screen resolution is small to pictures. The cost for each led screen with a different resolution will vary.

The transparent led screen quote depends on the viewing distance and the respective resolution of the screen

Product quality affects the price of transparent led screen is undeniable. Currently, many units provide different led screens, so the prices provide a lot of difference. Luxmage is proud of NEXNOVO's exclusive partner in Vietnam, bringing high quality transparent led products. We have implemented various projects in the Vietnamese market.




Posted by: Admin - Date: 09-03-2021