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Rent led transparent tphcm

Your upcoming event needs luxury?
The high-tech led product line that has been on the market for some time has attracted the attention of many LED technology believers, one of whom is an event organizer. Many of them have come to Luxmage and asked about the rental service throughout HCMC for short-term use needs. And many of them successfully use transparent LEDs during their monumental event.

When to use transparent led rental service in Ho Chi Minh City?

With the development of more transparent led rental fields, many events have become more unique and more spectacular. However, many technology believers still do not know the application of this product line. So, you can rent transparent led lines for what?
- Workshop: you have a seminar and wonder what kind of screen to choose a unique, fancy presentation? Perhaps, it would be a bit surprising to say those transparent leds can support presentations in the workshop, but that's what this product line does. Not only that, but they are also quickly installed, support for short-term seminar rental.

- Theater: Normally, it is time-consuming to install a led screen for music, festivals, etc. As for the stage, the more monumental the more effort. For transparent leds, not only has the advantage of fast installation, but the design of the presentation file is not too complicated. In general, both the completion time and the aesthetic factor are guaranteed until the end of the project.
- Festival: An impressive festival always puts aesthetic elements on the top. That is why transparent LEDs are also featured on these occasions.
- Rent to advertise stores, businesses, trade centers, ... by day, month, year: The application of transparent led quite widely. Especially they have an important role in promoting the image, brand, ...

Why rent a transparent led screen in Ho Chi Minh City?

Many different reasons that you can not own a transparent led screen. They may be due to:
You do not need to organize events regularly, so owning a transparent led screen will be a waste? You can rent led screens during the occasions you need.
Financial problems are a concern when you want to buy an LED screen that has most of the features you need.

For situations like this, renting transparent led screens is the most appropriate choice. What you need to do now is find a unit that provides quality transparent led screens.
Another important and indispensable thing is to learn about transparent LEDs. Want to own or rent a product, you need to know more about them. The most important thing is to know which features help you. Here are the key features that transparent led benefits you!
• High transparency: The transparency reaches 75% -95%, the screen is almost invisible when viewing from 5 meters.
• Modular design: Based on the most suitable pixel resolution, standard modules can be assembled into displays of various sizes.
• Easy to move with lightweight: Including all structures and power sources, the weight of each m2 is 12kg, only half the weight of traditional screens.
• High brightness: The power consumption of LEDs is not only lower than the projection screen and LCD screen, with the high brightness of the screen ensuring that the screen remains clear during the day.

• Appearance with a beautiful design: With transparent LED module design and simple frame structure, the structure is clearer and more transparent.
• Compact structure: With a lightweight design, the screen is not only compact but also saves transportation costs and warehouse costs.
• Silent power supply: Equipped with a mini power source, the screen looks thinner, has no more noise and is aesthetically pleasing.
• Perfect flatness: Accurate aluminum frame structure ensures that the module flatness is perfect
• Easy to install and maintain: Modules can be directly fixed to the frame by hand, and can also be customized.
To find a quality and reputable transparent led rental unit, please contact:
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