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Rental of special advertising screens for glass curtain walls

Renting advertising screens for glass walls is undoubtedly a new service in Vietnam, but it is set to become even stronger due to the increasing demand for retail stores and storefront advertising.

Introduction of advertising screens for glass walls

With the development of the times, the urban curtain wall now presents a new way of advertising, especially in commercial centers and skylight scenes, with unique advantages, thus gradually collecting to attract people's attention and market opportunities.
With a new visual and application experience, the glass curtain wall LED display has a place in the market with its unique display, slim design and stylish technology.
The rental of specialized glass curtain wall advertising screen can be said to be a new field, to meet the needs of integration with the glass, the product needs to have the following characteristics.

The characteristics of the glass curtain wall advertising screen
1, the product is transparent, high light transmission rate
The glass curtain wall has great advantages in visibility and lighting, and is the first choice for the storefront. Therefore, the advertising screen dedicated to glass curtain wall must also have the same advantages. With a transparency of up to 90%, our advertising screens fully meet this requirement. The modules include LED strips of each environmentally friendly material, which are permeable all around and do not affect the ventilation of the windshield or the taillights, effectively reducing the wind load and reducing the strength and weight of the infrastructure of the car. LED display, usually installed in the glass wall of the building. It completely breaks the limitation of the traditional LED display applied on glass. This kind of screen is also known as transparent LED screen.
If this is your first time to hear about transparent LED screen, please check: What is transparent LED screen?


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Glass wall advertising screen rental

Glass wall advertising screens feature a transparent design that does not block the view

2. Simple and lightweight product
LED glass curtain wall display adopts hollow bar design. Compared with the traditional LED display box, there is no need to fix the size of the border. Simple and beautiful due to the use of transparent glass and brushed aluminum with reinforced composite materials. Strong tensile and compressive strength, extremely robust and durable, while reducing the weight of the module. The weight of the screen is 12kg/m2, which is 1/5 of the weight of ordinary LED display box, and is favored by the majority of lighting customers.

3、Modular design, protection and safety
Large screen using modular assembly principle, does not require any steel structure, easy to maintain: front and rear can be maintained, easy to disassemble: a single module can be the most complete large screen disassembly, can can be based on customer glass size flexible change custom module size, to achieve mass production and rapid on-site installation.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection, temperature stable heat dissipation
Inadequate heat dissipation of traditional LED display may lead to screen failure. Application of glass wall LED display can avoid similar problems. Due to its high transparency, no noise, low power consumption, no heat sink thermal support, you can let the wall-mounted LED display with the wind natural heat dissipation, but also has the characteristics of weather resistance. The weather in the environment can operate normally in bad and cold weather conditions such as Russia. At the same time, the power supply, controller, etc. are isolated from the light-emitting material and do not need to be equipped with special heat dissipation systems like traditional LED screens.
Glass curtain wall LED display is usually installed on the decorative glass of banks, shopping malls, theaters, commercial streets, chain stores, hotels, urban public buildings, famous buildings, commercial buildings, etc. Industry. It is a high-quality lighting product and plays an irreplaceable role in architectural lighting projects.

Types of glass wall advertising screens you can refer to.

Modular glass wall advertising screen
The remarkable advantage of this advertising screen is that it is assembled by several modules, each module is 1mx1m or 1mx0.5m in size, suitable for multiple glass wall areas, and you will easily choose the size. The screen size itself.
With its light weight, quick and easy installation, custom box connectors and streamlined power cord, it meets aesthetic requirements.
Meet the need for an advertising screen that does not block the light and does not obscure the view when customers view the products displayed inside.

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Modular design, more flexible screen size selection

Glass wall advertising screen is suitable for the launch of new series


Poster glass wall advertising screen
As an electronic poster advertising screen with 73% transparency, the content can be easily and quickly changed and managed remotely via an app on a smartphone.
This can be considered a product that represents aesthetics and is perfect for retail stores.

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Poster advertising glass wall in a studio hair salon


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