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Retail LED display: Poster LED screen at 150 CellphoneS stores nationwide

Retailers often face tough challenges due to the fierce competition and fast-paced nature of the retail industry. They are constantly competing with each other for the limited attention of their target audience. One of the most common approaches is to increase brand awareness using traditional advertising displays such as banners and posters.


But nowadays, traditional approaches don't really work because they are so popular. Potential customers tend to ignore traditional advertisements. They saw the same messages over and over again. It is important for retailers to differentiate themselves from the competition and one of the best methods is to apply dynamic advertising using retail LED displays.


Retail LED Display Poster CellphoneS transparent led screen


What is retail LED display


LED screens are commonly found in various places such as building lobbies, malls, retail stores, exhibitions, airports, transportation hubs and meeting rooms… One of the main purposes of its use. LED screen use is for advertising. Businesses are constantly evolving. Years ago, business owners and advertisers started using LED screens in retail advertising. Therefore, an LED display used in retail advertising is called a retail LED display.


Depending on the applications, there are mainly two types of LED display suitable for retail stores - glass wall LED display and poster led display. Glass wall LED screens are often used by centers that need a large custom area such as 4S car stores, real estate model houses, ... or shopping malls.


Retail LED Display Poster CellphoneS transparent led screen


The led poster screen has a fixed and smaller size, stylish design, compact, easy to control and manage on the phone app, this screen is extremely suitable for retail store systems, hair studios. , spa, fashion store. Retail LED displays are rapidly gaining popularity among business owners. Creative ideas are well accepted due to the benefits it brings.


CellphoneS has just completed the installation of poster led screens on more than 100 retail stores nationwide


Some of the advantages of retail LED screens are:


Modular design with custom sizes

High screen brightness

Increase customer engagement

Effective solution


Modular design with fixed or custom sizes


Flexibility is important in the retail business. When it comes to advertising and branding, a flexible tool with the fewest limitations is the ideal choice. Traditional advertising tools such as banners and signs are less flexible in terms of content formats. They can only show both handwritten and printed ads. Besides, most shoppers have lost interest in traditional advertisements because today's print ads are nothing special.


We humans tend to react to visual information. Our attention will be attracted when our eyes are stimulated by new, beautiful and impressive visual elements. LED displays are ideally suited for retailers. Various digital formats are supported, such as video, animation, graphics, and text.


Since LED displays are modular, retailers are free to design LED displays of any shape and size for their applications. It is very flexible as retailers can also install screens with the best size to suit their store layout. From window screens to hanging and wall installations, retailers can install LED displays in any method they want.


Furthermore, business owners and advertisers can also drive traffic more efficiently by displaying large format images of any shape. A large screen can easily attract attention as it stands out even in a noisy and crowded shopping mall. It helps to deliver a stunning and unforgettable viewing experience. As a result, shoppers and customers will remember your business. Thus, brand awareness is built successfully.

High screen brightness

Retail LED screens have a higher screen brightness level than most TVs and LCD monitors. A brighter display is extremely important as it helps create a prominent and conspicuous brand message. Retail centers and shopping streets are always crowded. Shoppers are exposed to a variety of brand messages and promotions ranging from fashion brands to home and life.


Traditional advertising tools have obvious disadvantages in reaching shoppers effectively. Without a bright display, these tools cannot reach shoppers from further distances. Besides, traditional advertising tools always lose their competitive edge when various kinds of dazzling decorations in the mall overwhelm them.


Brighter retail LED displays are always a better choice. LED screens can deliver exciting content in vivid colors to shoppers from all directions. Visibility is highly enhanced. Furthermore, LED screens with brighter displays are also suitable for use in outdoor applications. It can help maintain a clear viewing experience when the sunlight is extremely bright during the day.


Increase customer engagement

Businesses like active customers. Active customers are those who are willing to ask questions, give valuable feedback, and engage with your brand. These interactions are extremely important because they can help generate recurring customers.


To drive engagement, businesses must find ways to add value to their customer experience. Window screens and in-store LED screens are some of the most effective methods. First, the store window serves as the front line or first point of contact where visitors are greeted with your brand message. Store owners can display meaningful content with LED window screens and invite visitors to visit your store.


Second, once the customer has entered, the store owner can continue to capture the visitor's attention by using the LED display in the store. Highlight products with interesting and colorful presentation. Inspire visitors with exciting promotions and messages. If you can capture the visitor's attention, the sales assistant's task in converting visitors into paying customers will be easier.


Besides, interesting retail LED display can also encourage customers to connect with the business on social networks. Businesses can now create brand awareness through both offline and online channels. And when your customers decide to share your brand with their friends, it will be one of the greatest things a retail LED display can achieve.


LED displays are not just limited to retailers. Some other business forms such as hair salons and spas are also suitable for installing this type of led screen. Many entertainment businesses such as spas, pubs, and lounges also intend to install this screen in the future.


Retail LED Display Poster CellphoneS transparent led screen


Effective solution

Some retailers may feel reluctant to use retail LED displays in their business due to cost concerns. Truth be told, LED screens are actually more expensive than most traditional displays or advertising tools such as TVs, LCD screens, signs and banners. However, a business owner or retailer should always focus on return on investment. It's not always about how much you've spent. The most important consideration is how well your money is spent.


Retail LED displays have a lot of advantages that outweigh the downsides in terms of cost. It helps attract customers more effectively than most traditional displays. It helps to increase the revenue in the business. Besides, it also helps to drive engagement. A good relationship between a brand and its customers can be established.


In addition, retail LED displays are commercial grade displays well designed and engineered to accommodate heavier business applications. LED screens are durable and last longer than most traditional displays. It requires very little maintenance, especially when compared to tools like banners and posters. Therefore, maintenance costs are greatly reduced.


Retailers always need to react quickly to changes in trends, products, customer preferences and promotions. Brand messaging must be updated as quickly as possible. Traditional banners and posters have a clear drawback in updating content. Brochures need to be designed and printed. Printing costs can be a big burden in the long run. Unlike traditional displays or tools, managing and updating LED display content just got easier. Retailers can change their messaging instantly, anytime, anywhere. Besides, it is also possible to schedule the LED screen to display or rotate different notifications during the day.


It stings when you buy a retail LED display. However, when the screen starts showing satisfying results, your investment is worth every penny.


Choose the most suitable Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch refers to the distance (measured in millimeters) between two pixels on the LED display module. Shorter distance will result in smaller pixel resolution and higher pixel density. Pixel pitch is always related to image resolution. In general, a higher pixel density provides a viewing experience with better details. Viewers can get better picture quality, smoother lines, and better fonts on screen. Besides, smaller pixel resolution can also ensure shorter viewing distance.


The most used pixel pitch options for retail LED displays range from P2 to P6. A smaller pixel pitch can produce a higher resolution, but it's also more expensive. Good pixel pitch is great, but it might not be right for your application. There are times when you can still achieve great results even with a cheaper solution. This is the time when consultation from a professional LED display supplier is extremely important. LED display solution provider can always advise customers to get the best pixel resolution for their application.


Retail LED display: Poster LED screen at 150 CellphoneS stores nationwide

Retail LED Display Poster CellphoneS transparent led screen


Choose the best LED display supplier

Retail LED display is a great product, but it is important that you find yourself a professional LED display supplier. A great LED display supplier can always add additional values to your LED display. An LED display supplier usually provides a full range of services such as consulting, design, installation, technical support and maintenance.


A responsible supplier can also help customers avoid technical problems that can affect the performance of the LED display. Some of the most notable technical problems are poor alignment of LED cells and low refresh rates.


Poor alignment of LED panels can often result in visible seams. Visible lines can be seen on the screen. It may adversely affect the viewing experience.


Another serious problem that will cause degraded performance is the low refresh rate. Refresh rate refers to the number of times a new image is drawn per second. A low refresh rate can cause the screen to flicker when visible horizontal lines appear on the screen. The horizontal lines are even worse when it is captured or recorded through the camera. This can prevent your customers from sharing your brand message on social media and thus indirectly affect customer engagement.



The retail industry is a highly competitive industry where retailers are constantly faced with a variety of challenges. Retail LED display is definitely one of the must-have tools for every retailer. The ability to stand out is extremely important in attracting customers' attention. Technology is evolving at breakneck speed. Businesses should also continue to grow and continue to provide a unique user experience for their customers. Explore the endless possibilities offered by retail LED displays. Get started today by contacting your most trusted LED display or solutions provider.


Posted by: Admin - Date: 10-04-2023