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Selling transparent led screen

On the advertising market today, transparent led screen products with smart display solutions are not too unfamiliar to people working in the profession. In order to honor the inherent beauty of glass wall architecture, many people choose LED screens mounted behind the glass to ensure inherent aesthetics. Therefore, many professional advertisers now think that this is the optimal commercial display solution.

Why is it called a transparent led screen?

The name of this product line enough to say all about the advantages that they bring. To better understand the transparent led, please refer to the article "What is the transparent led screen?"

In a brief and easy to understand way, the transparent led screen is made up of modules with a fixed size. Depending on the size of the module, they have many different LEDs, on each led bar are full-color LEDs with high visibility.

Front and back of a transparent led screen module

The transparency of the screen is achieved by this special construction. The fixed distance between led bars gives us space to see things, information events inside stores, buildings, glass walls without being stunned. On the other hand, from the inside can also see the outer space, making the most of the facade space for both advertising and display.

Any unit who has been sold transparent led screen will admit that: the transparent led screen product on the market with this new technology is a pioneer in advertising technology, effectively replacing the banner. Traditional paper poster, even replacing the old advertising screen, led screen in the market.

Advantages of transparent led screen

Because of their modular structure, they have many outstanding advantages compared to alternative products on the market:

First to mention the transparent advantage of this product line is transparency up to 90%. Therefore, it ensures the aesthetic effectiveness of luxury architectures such as buildings, businesses, commercial center fronts, ...

High brightness: with a brightness equivalent to the intensity of sunlight up to 5500 - 6000 units. The difference of where the transparent led screen is sold is that the user can automatically set the brightness depending on the intensity of sunlight.

The brightness of the transparent led screen attracts the eyes of many people, attracting the attention of the brand.

For example, for low light intensity in the morning from 5-8 hours, you can set the brightness of the screen to about 70%. Or when the intensity of light is strong in the storage and late afternoon between 8-17 hours, you can set the screen brightness to 90% higher. For the evening, the screen needs to be set to about 55-65% brightness to avoid glare leading to discomfort. Depending on the season, the environmental lighting conditions will affect the eye and have the screen brightness adjustment accordingly.

Quick installation: Modular construction makes installation more convenient. Currently, units selling transparent led screens have 2 types of modules with dimensions of 0.5x1m and 1mx1m. Not only that, the screen wiring and signal wiring are built in, so complicated wiring has become unnecessary.

Why use a transparent led screen instead?

Up to now, the transparent led screen possesses many advantages that are considered the best choice for promoting building architecture, glass walls, ... The evidence for this efficiency is today, on the market. The school has many transparent led installation projects that bring good effects for businesses.

Obviously, the aesthetic effect that the transparent led screen brings is undeniable, when the glass wall structure of the building is not only guaranteed, but also has the ability to promote. Utilizing a seemingly "dead" space makes them become "able to talk" for businesses. The glass facade is a great promotion place, even more wonderful when combined with a transparent led screen.

The space becomes talking, impressed by the unique, creative ads displayed on transparent led screens.

In addition to the aesthetic effect, the transparent led screen also stands out with quick and easy disassembly operation without affecting the existing architecture. Does not block light, or affect the space inside. Product content changes flexibly, which makes it smart. Presentation content can be arranged depending on the time, promotional messages, characteristics of each product.

To get all the above benefits, you need to find a professional transparent led screen buyer who can provide quality product lines as well as solve warranty or after-sales policy issues. Contact LUXMAGE for more information about this transparent led line.

Posted by: Admin - Date: 09-03-2021