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The media whispered about how to choose a quality led screen

The demand for led screens is more and more popular than the type of led screen rental. Any need to start, whether renting or owning a monitor for yourself, requires a careful selection. Looking forward to possessing quality led screen makes many people try to find information about led how to choose quality led screen.

Is choosing LED screen quality easy?

The selection of quality led displays is not really easy when many professional technicians are also hard to do this! However, it is not entirely incapable, just need to know the leds, read the specifications, understand the assembly process, ... You can choose a quality led screen.

Steps to choose quality led screen

The first step to take if you want to choose a quality led screen is to be knowledgeable about this product. Not only in the process of selecting led products, but any technology equipment also needs to have knowledge before they want to own. In order to be confident in reading the product, what should you refer to the LED screen before?

If you are not a newcomer to learn about the product, you have experience or understanding of this product. So no more time consuming, we refer to the following steps to find yourself a good advertising led screen.

Step 1: Determine the intended use

Defining a good screen is when using the right type for the right purpose and user requirements. Similarly, the first step, you have to determine, what is the purpose of using your led screen? By answering simple questions below:

Are you a business or personal customer?

Do you use the screen to advertise? Or film? Introducing new products and services?

Use for how long? ...

For example, if you are an enterprise customer who wants to own advertising screens to convey messages to customers, introduce products and services? Then you will have to choose a different type of screen with a cafe for movie projection, watching soccer ...

Step 2: Determine the location of the LED display installation

Determining the position of the LED display is important because the selection of the LED screen is mainly based on the installation location. If you install LED displays in your home, you often use indoor lines, otherwise if you use it outdoors, it will often use outdoor streams, of course the characteristics of each line will be different to match the installation location. In addition, attention should be paid to the surrounding space, wide or narrow, high or low hanging position, ...

Step 3: The desired vision distance

Each type of screen with different resolutions has different viewing distances. You can refer to more ways to choose the screen resolution compared to the viewing distance to have the right screen option.

Step 4: Select the screen size

This is based on many of the above factors, such as a wide or narrow installation location, a distance to see far or near?

The steps above help choose a quality led screen, no quality products that are not based on user needs and expectations. Therefore, these needs should first be clearly defined. After that, you consider using products of reputable units where there are reasonable warranty policies, clear product specifications, proven quality ... So you have grasped the process to Get a great LED product.

Posted by: Admin - Date: 22-08-2019