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The secret of effective LED screen installation

Finding a suitable LED screen model for shops, how to install it to see how effective interaction with consumers is more difficult. If not used skillfully, the installation of the screen can produce undesirable results, even causing a reverse reaction in the display. So, to get the installation results as you want to learn something, learn about the different installation methods today.

The effective concept in installing led displays
Often, many people still use effective concepts to measure things, but in fact, how effective. For the construction and installation of led screens, so is the effect? This depends greatly on the desired purpose originally set in the installation.

First of all, it is necessary to survey the specific site location to provide the most optimal installation method. Depending on the location of the premises, the desire of the business owner, the surrounding elements that choose the optimal method. Normally, the LED screen after installation must be in the location of the store's expensive location to make it easy to see, easily attracting visitors, consumers.
How to install led screen
XT led screen line - smart electronic poster
 A stand-up frame: installed to stand in front of the store, suitable for stores without glass walls or space restrictions if the led screen is located inside.
Free-standing frame: Helps to save installation area, is also suitable for narrow-area stores, or need to freely move the screen to different positions.
Floor standing frame: For stores with glass surfaces, continue with the floor. The installation of floor standing frame is most suitable. Just help display the content on the poster and help the screen be protected from environmental impact.

Frame stand on the window edge: For more sophisticated design glass surfaces, door edges, taking advantage of the door edge to mount the screen can be used to install a stand on the window. Helping the LED screen to be placed close to the glass surface, bringing the feeling of images displayed on the glass in a true way. In addition, it helps to protect electricity posters from environmental impacts.
Hanging frame: This is how many luxury store chains apply for installation. The toughened wire can withstand the weight of the led screen. Help this poster look more natural, not stunned to lose many areas.
Screen stream of NR
There are two ways to install the NR series LED display depending on the area of ​​the screen, the purpose of use include: mounting of mounting type and vertical mounting.
Mounting form: used for large screen area, when space has fulcrum. Commonly used in commercial centers, on doors,...

Installation of the vertical form: used for space without an aerial fulcrum, using this form of installation normally in conferences, exhibitions, display of lower led displays,...
Each way of installing different LED screens is applied in different cases. The most important is still the topographic survey, to provide appropriate installation solutions. Particularly, the product structure can support many different types of installation, from a high position to low ground. Because they are lightweight, compact, only 1-2 employees can successfully install.

Posted by: Admin - Date: 23-10-2023