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Things no one knows about transparent led screens

When advertising technology is increasingly developed, products with many outstanding advantages in the market will prevail. The transparent led screen is also gradually replacing the traditional led screen line. However, there are few things that few people know about the transparent led line that is storming the current market. So what's the difference between transparent leds?

Are transparent LEDs really transparent?

Any advertiser has heard of the miraculous use of transparent LEDs to bring high transparency. It seems that this product offers perfect transparency like a glass panel capable of displaying images. However, this is just what many people think!

From a close distance, it can be seen the structure of a transparent led screen consisting of many led bars, on each led bar there are many different led particles.

The structure of the transparent led screen is understood according to each different module. On each module there are many led bars, on each led bar there are many different led beads. The number of led beads on each bar is different depending on the resolution of the respective product line.

Therefore, to say, "transparent" here is understood as the screen does not block outside light into the space. From the outside, you can see the inside space and from the outside you can still see the outside scenery. If viewed from a reasonable distance, it is almost impossible to see the structure of led bars and led beads, providing high transparency efficiency.

Is the transparent led product only suitable for glass wall?

With the outstanding advantage of high transparency, which most current screens cannot do, the glass wall installation is the most appropriate. They both ensure aesthetic effectiveness by not obstructing the view, while bringing high promotional effects.

Glass wall is not the only place to install transparent led screen, but this product has wide application depending on customer needs.

However, the glass wall is not the only place where transparent led can be used. With modular configuration, the wiring system is integrated in each cabinet making installation easier than ever. In addition, the product weight is 3 times lighter than the regular led screen, so it can be mounted in many different forms: hanging or vertical.

This helps the transparent led screen to serve well for the event field, quick disassembly, and support for many different types of installation. For event activities, it needs to be done in a short time so the faster detachable feature is preferred. In addition, theatrical activities can also use transparent screens to bring many creative and unique effects.

How to get the fastest quotation for transparent led screen?

To get a quotation for a transparent led screen quickly is also something many customers wonder. First, transparent screens have many different product lines suitable for each purpose. This is also one of the remarkable advantages of this product line, always bringing the optimal display performance for each location, each product, each need.

The transparent led screen is used for the event stage

Some lines can be mentioned such as the fixed installation line for fixed positions, the event stage is better suited to the quick removal line, for special size glass wall locations can Use the transparent screen according to the position size, custom made without the use of stock. Some stores and chain stores need to use LED screens with a moderate size sync that can use smart electronic posters.

It can be seen today on the market that there are diversified types of screens, suitable for each different purpose. Before giving a transparent led price to a customer, a supplier usually has to determine the purpose of use, requirements, size, progress of installation, ... to come up with the appropriate plan. Therefore, customers need to provide the exact quotation requested as well as the necessary information to receive a quote as soon as possible.

Posted by: Admin - Date: 08-03-2021