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Transparent LED advertising screen helps you reach customers effectively

Effective access to customers is assessed from many different communication channels. Using LED lights in advertising is one of the most cost-effective options that has been implemented by domestic and foreign businesses. With the latest advanced technology, transparent LED display models will help you access more effectively than previous LED models because of the great advantages that it brings. Preliminary you can see the transparent screen is transparent, bright and beautiful. Extremely high refresh rate displays floating images. Magical colors are attracting people's attention.

Transparent LED advertising screen helps you reach customers effectively

Using transparent LED screens in media ads has brought about significant results, these screens are a better option for anyone who wants to display content advertising their product or brand. style without blocking light or view mode on both sides. True to its name, it will provide a transparent look through the screen without any constraint like the usual LED screen. This effect is particularly powerful when integrated into a glass facade, allowing designers to offer screen solutions for retail buildings that focus on glass architecture without losing design. overall. Can you look at the transparent LED screen article? to know more about this product.

Led screen transparent advertising is a product of high-tech manufacturing industry with many outstanding advantages have become popular and essential for all economic activities due to effective advertising features, impressively Powerful and highly economical, varied in size, conveying various information. Currently we have seen many in the life of LED screen panels in elevators, tall buildings, building facades, etc. Its inherent transparency provides a new and ideal solution for the public environment. High-tech, making a strong impression with customers is easy that you can achieve, through the use of ensuring that your business, brand or message will not only be noticed but also difficult. forget.

Location should use transparent LED advertising screen

Advertising effectiveness: by advertising using video to help identify brand content, it is easily located, thus attracting people's attention. High transparency and high brightness are the advantages not to be missed given the characteristics that customers love. This is also a special feature of transparent leds that deliver 1000 times more efficiency than other advertising vehicles.

Saving advertising costs: It is also the flexible display ability from using advertising led screen you can change the content of promotion, introduction, information at different times. Extremely high ability to attract sight from the door of your business saves you many types of advertising costs such as banners, posters, leaflets, ...

Promoting in a high position

The LED screen throughout the upper areas helps you to attract customers thoroughly at shopping centers or apartment buildings. With an eye-catching appearance and effective performance when advertising is done, it is undisputed.

Used in large commercial centers, transparent LED screens provide a highly aesthetic advertising solution, without causing confusion and obscurity.

Use as advertising poster

Also known as the XT series transparent LED display line, the smart electronic poster line is applied to various advertising windows, retail stores, small and medium-sized shops, ... Play any format. video and image content formats such as JPG, PNG, MOV, WMV, MP4, etc. Cloud control software can be used for remote control, as well as monitoring and updating broadcast content. from the server to ensure that advertising content is updated in real time.

Used in product launch event

You can easily show your products to customers without spending too much space and accessories attached to previous traditional advertising led screen models. From a distance, your customers are easily attracted to the image quality and even when installed outdoors with high daylight intensity, the screen still offers the ability to see through the scene like a ordinary glass panels.

Advantages when using transparent LED display in advertising

  • High transparency. Transparent ratio up to 80% and SMD LEDs are nearly impossible to see from a specific distance, so you can reach customers 40% better than other advertising led models.
  • Excellent heat resistance when cold weather is -10 degrees C and heat up to 70 degrees C.
  • Quick installation and installation. Easily control and replace the image you desire in real time.
  • High brightness beautifully displayed in natural light. 6000nits brightness ensures visibility even ideally under direct sunlight. Thanks to this feature, the application in its advertising is highly appreciated by many users.
  • Easy maintenance and maintenance.
  • Significant energy savings with LED technology.
  • Stable & reliable. Stability is quite necessary for this product, we guarantee the Led screen throughout the advertising has superior stability compared to other similar products in the market.

The great application in advertising from this product is impossible to argue, if you want to find a solution to reach your customers more specifically and attractively, the use of transparent LED advertising screen will be a Current choice not to be missed.

Posted by: Admin - Date: 18-04-2023