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Application of transparent led display for jewelry store

Jewelry store design pursues luxury, nobility, brilliance, fashion trends and aesthetics. The most important thing is to make everyone feel different and personalized.

With the technical maturity of transparent LED display and its unique transparent display effect in recent years, transparent LED display has gradually been widely recognized and used by customers.

transparent led display for jewelry store

jewelry store transparent LED display

The transparent LED display used in jewelry stores mainly includes:

1. Glass wall transparent LED display;
2. Indoor transparent led display
3. Transparent led screen poster;
4. Borderless transparent led screen

transparent led display for jewelry store

This product has the following features:

1. Transparent design, combined with 3D video makes the display more vibrant and attractive.
2. Transparency from 50% ~ 90%, with high transparency, does not affect indoor lighting and general aesthetics of the building;
3. Aluminum alloy design, the screen body is more beautiful, the heat dissipation is better, and the product performance is more stable;
4. Modular design, free splicing, lifting and base installation.
5. Ultra-thin design, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, reduce the installation of steel structure and save costs.
6. Optional maintenance before or after the display increases adaptability to the installation environment.
Front-lit transparent led screen (cabinet form), and led beads are more used materials in ordinary display, with large number of uses and lower cost. The positive gluing process is simple and has high flatness. Moderate brightness. Suitable for most important occasions.

Notes when choosing transparent LED display in jewelry store:

1. When choosing a transparent LED display, don't just look at the price.

Currently, there are many units involved in the production of transparent led screens, with different resources and resources leading to different product prices. The price difference is quite large, customers ignore quality. However, for technological products, technical factors and production materials play an extremely important role, directly affecting the actual use process. If the failure rate is high, the maintenance is troublesome, taking more time and energy.

2. "Same model" is not necessarily "same product"

This refers to the problem of image copying that is rampant on the internet. Some customers even found pictures of Luxmage on other websites and mistook it for our agent. We want to emphasize that copying images is easy, but actual technology and products are not. You can ask the consultant to show the actual project video or come to the facility to see the product before making a decision.

3. Are the specs as high as possible?

Customers buying monitors will often find several manufacturers to evaluate, then decide which supplier to choose. The two most important things in the comparison are price and specifications. In the case of similar prices, the specifications become the deciding factor. Higher parameter value does not mean better display quality. Take for example 2 Luxmage products to compare: The indoor led screen has a brightness of 2500cd, the glass wall led screen has a brightness of 5000CD. So is 5000CD better? The answer is not necessarily, because the indoor LED screen brightness requirement is not high, generally from 800-1500. If the brightness is too high, it will cause glare and affect viewing. Regarding longevity, if the brightness is too high, it is easy to reduce the life of the display screen. So judicious use of brightness is the correct solution, not the higher the better the brightness.

4. Production and testing are not as short as possible

Many customers who buy LED display want to pick up the goods immediately after placing the order. However, the display is a custom product, which requires at least 48 hours of inspection and testing after production is finished. The LED display is added to the national standard for 24 hours to achieve 72 hours of uninterrupted testing. In general, there are two problems when the delivery time is too short: First, the failure rate during later use will be relatively high if not fully inspected and tested. But some manufacturers do not have enough stock in the same batch, this may take orders Using products from different batches. In this case, the display will have obvious color difference, which will greatly affect the display efficiency of the LED screen.

Posted by: Admin - Date: 08-12-2022