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Transparent LED Screen Rental

We are familiar with the LED screens used in events, conferences, even at fashion shows, epic music shows, people can also see the presence of LED screens in that event.

Now with a new transparent LED image, easier to install, more compact, especially the transparent effect of the product will make your show, your shows truly classy and distant. flower. If your company is going to have an exhibition and you are wondering how to make your show impress your visitors, how do you make your booth stand out? Beat every stall around?

Have you heard about the transparent LED screen can be put on your level but worry about financial problem?

Your company is a small company and only needs to use transparent screen in some exhibition events, some advertising campaigns?

It is not really necessary to spend an amount of money to buy a transparent LED screen?

We understand your concerns! So we offer a service "rental" LED transparent screen to serve your needs. If you have a need to rent a transparent Led screen to serve a short-term campaign such as: exhibition, display, product photography, ... please contact us immediately. Our professional technical team will come to the site for you to install, the cost of renting the screen fits your budget.
Don't be shy anymore! Start polishing your brand from today!

Please contact us via Hotline: 0988895066

Posted by: Admin - Date: 24-11-2022