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Currently, the use of glass facades for architectural buildings has become a common trend in society. If rough walls are obstructing vision or limiting your space, glass walls are an option. Great alternative. From high-end stores, shopping malls to luxury villas, everyone is gradually switching to using this modern alternative material.

However, what happens if you use glass walls instead of traditional walls? And are glass walls the optimal choice?

The answer is no! Although glass materials help make your space more transparent, making it seem more spacious and airy overall, it is absolutely not the optimal solution.

In the current era of technology explosion, customers in general and business owners in particular are becoming more and more demanding and wise in making important decisions. We have been exposed to a lot of people. leaders at large corporations and we realize that all of our smart customers have the same desire, that is, they want to use glass materials to make their space smart. transparent and spacious but wants to take advantage of those "transparent walls" to advertise products without losing the classy luxury.

So what kind of material meets all the criteria: helps the space expand, does not block vision, is used to advertise products, and also highlights class and timeliness? superior to the owner?

With all those strict criteria, transparent advertising screens were born!

A transparent Led screen does not mean that the screen is as transparent as crystal, but "transparent" here means that customers can still see the image running the advertisement and at the same time see the image. through" to know what's going on behind where the advertising screen is located.
The transparent advertising screen is based on the foundation of a conventional LED screen, combining ultra-thin aluminum block material with a flat surface along with thousands of mini LED bulbs with a brightness far superior to that of conventional LED screens. Natural light, so even when it's sunny outside, customers can still clearly see what product your advertising screen is running.



With the above outstanding advantages, transparent advertising screens are currently being applied more and more widely in the market, from fast food stores to large buildings, shopping centers, and restaurants. , airports... anywhere that needs to take advantage of space for advertising also has the silhouette of a transparent screen.

However, which screen is really good and meets the standards of a "transparent screen"?

The answer is: a transparent screen must meet "transparency" standards so as not to obstruct vision, brightness protection standards, and at the same time must be easy to disassemble, install, and maintain brightness. Low power consumption.


Nexnovo's display screen has transparency up to 65% - 95%, at a distance of 3m the screen is almost invisible, creating a more open space. At the same time, the structure and weight of the screen is half as light as a traditional LCD screen (only about 12kg), so it is easier to disassemble. The screen brightness is high, helping the emitted light not to be mixed with natural light even when installed outdoors. Power consumption is up to 50% lower than conventional LED screens.

In addition, the transparent display screen is also connected to wifi with the computer, making remote control easier, ensuring advertising content is always managed and continuously updated.

In terms of price, depending on the resolution and transparency, transparent screen products also have different prices.

In conclusion, with the above outstanding advantages, the Nexnovo transparent display screen has been satisfying even the most demanding customers!

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Posted by: Admin - Date: 23-10-2023