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Transparent LED Screens and Talking Glass Windows

In fact, for the current development of domestic window screens, most small and medium-sized retailers do not know what visual marketing is. This is surprising, but it is true. There are only a handful of window displays in Vietnam that can be considered truly memorable, but the number of window brands is like a carp crossing a river; there is no comparison between the two. Even so, great window displays are still a great way to draw customers into your store and increase sales.

Windows - As one of the key elements of visual merchandising, fashion retail brands often use windows in front of their stores. But aside from professional display designers and display managers, only a few end-store managers fully understand the benefits these windows provide.

As an important part of a store's exterior image, poster transparent LED displays mounted on the windows easily catch the eye of consumers. The text, lighting, window colors and other elements together constitute the visual marketing system of the brand.

Transparent LED Screens and Talking Glass Windows

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Poster transparent led display greatly increases the convenience of window advertising. The ad copy can be changed with one click through the mobile app. A large number of templates are available in the application, allowing different retail chains to easily use the window to communicate promotional messages to (potential) consumers and spread brand culture.
The poster transparent led display features a self-service model for advertising space, which allows you to control the device to play exclusive sample ads through the app to achieve precise marketing; combined with online and offline advertising to achieve foot traffic and achieve the desired sales effect. Develop shared advertising model to increase advertising benefits on the basis of resource sharing and maximize the commercial value of window media.

Poster transparent LED display is more convenient than you can imagine
Self-developed easy application for quick production of exclusive ads, a variety of templates and application scenarios, easily solving the problems and high costs for businesses when producing ads on windows.

Transparent LED Screens and Talking Glass Windows


Complete asset database to meet your needs: Our database contains rich images and animations to create professional designs on this monitor. Simply select what you want from the free or premium customization board and update it to your posters through the application.

Rich design templates: Our design team spends a lot of time creating easy-to-edit, free and premium templates for different industries. You can create eye-catching content quickly and easily.

A. Various installation methods, support a variety of installation scenarios, say goodbye to the traditional posters and stickers.

B. Advanced customization section, update broadcast content anytime, anywhere, provide you with satisfactory creative customization service within 24 hours!

Choose poster transparent led display, easy to experience multi-level three-dimensional advertising form, your window into a beautiful scenery, let your window speak, let the retail store first Your terminal more competitive!
As a branch of your transparent LED display, developed specifically for retail stores, this product will surely make you satisfied, please click here to contact us.


Posted by: Admin - Date: 18-06-2022