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What factors affect the price of a transparent led screen?

Currently, customers are gradually interested in the price of transparent LED screens, many units offer different quotations. In this article, we explore the factors that affect the price of this product.

With the market demand of the LED display industry expanding, many application fields are constantly expanding, LED display products have also shown a diversified development trend. As a rising star in the LED display industry, the transparent LED screen display takes advantage of its transparent feature.


 the price of transparent LED screens

What factors affect the price of a transparent led screen?

LUXMAGE's transparent LED display is not only light, thin and easy to install, but it can also achieve a minimum pixel size of 2.1mm and transparency up to 90%. It can be fixed directly on the glass wall without steel frame structure, saving much installation and maintenance cost. Because the display background is transparent, it is possible to create the impression that the advertising screen is floating on the glass curtain wall, bringing extremely high advertising and artistic effects.

So what are the elements in a transparent screen quote?

1. Don't just look at the price list when buying transparent screen

Price is often an important factor when purchasing LED screen display. As everyone knows "you get what you pay for", there are many units that will quote very low prices, but in the process of using the screen, there are many dead lights, a lot of short circuits. At this time, the after-sales care department will receive and process it, which takes a lot of time.

 the price of transparent LED screens
LUXMAGE transparent LED screen display


2. The same model is not necessarily the same product

When quoting a transparent LED screen, the customer may think that the same model of the screen has a higher price than other companies, these are all quotes for the customer based on the company's market channel price, is the official quote, this reflects quality products and reliable materials. If the price is low, the more likely it is that your product uses inferior materials, using unbranded lamp beads will cause color casting and lamp death, reducing life. Using an unknown power source, low power supply efficiency, severe heat generation, etc., these issues are really worth considering.

3. The higher the value specifications the better?

Many customers will compare prices and specifications of transparent LED screens and assume that the higher the parameter value, the better the display quality. For example, if the brightness of the screen is too high, it will cause glare and affect vision. In terms of service life, too high brightness will easily reduce the longevity of the transparent screen.Therefore, reasonable brightness is the correct answer, not the higher brightness the better. And the price of high-brightness product lines is also much more expensive. We have to choose the right product for our actual needs.

 the price of transparent LED screens

The effect of transparent LED screen

4. The transparent LED display production and testing process is not as the shorter the better

Many customers who order a transparent LED display expect to receive the goods immediately upon placing the order. It's not reasonable as transparent LED displays need at least 48 hours of foraging and lighting test after production to fix the problem of color cast and dead light, and make sure all problems are processed before shipment.

The above are some basic factors for you to better understand the transparent LED screen, if you need more information, you can call directly at 0909965198 or contact Luxmage in the form below:


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